Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers. So I went to D.C. instead.

Question: When are broken hearts a good thing?
Answer: Why, on Valentine's Day, of course!

Two weeks ago I received a text from Scottie the Hottie: What are you doing for Valentines?
'I'm single... nothing special. Maybe a movie. You?'
"Going to D.C. Want to come?"
'Driving or flying?'
"Flying. You can use my buddy pass."

And so the adventure began. Scottie the Hottie needed a break from the city, especially since his most recent ex-girlfriend lives in town. Valentine's Day is tough if you're single but especially rough when a place sparks so many memories - which can be avoided if you travel to a different state and do some sight seeing.

Mission: Get Out of Town
Destination: Washington, D.C.

We spent Saturday walking. The weather was perfect. While walking, a sculpture garden caught my attention.

First there was this guy. Or gal. I'm not really sure of the gender, just that s/he seems to be missing something.

This piece was at the intersection of Peel and Banana.

The Wizard from Emerald City was there.

So was this funky, uh, thing. I loved the curves.

Oh, more curves! I really like how the tree curves to the dirt symbolizing creation and strength...

Speaking of trees, this is the National Christmas Tree. It was planted a few months before I was born. Tell me, which one of us makes 30 look good?!

(Hint: there is one correct answer and it doesn't rhyme with Fashional Mistress Key.)

Oh, and Obama was there. He didn't say much though. I thought he was a bit flat and 2 dimensional, but that's just me. All in all, Mission Get-Out-of-Town was a success. Thank goodness for friends who work for airlines, for buddy passes, but mostly, thank goodness for ex girlfriends!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Great Generation Gap

I have the most fun with my major. Really, I do. One of my classes, Teaching Elementary Children P.E., has a lab each Friday where we participate in physical activities catered to children. This means I'm encouraged to act like a child. It's no wonder why I enjoy grad school.
One particular morning we learned how to teach and demonstrate different types of traveling. The professor would yell a verb such as jumping, running, skipping, crawling, etc and as a class, we traveled around the gym for 20 or 30 seconds.
"Gallop like a horse."
I began to 'gallop'. To complete the demonstration, I cupped my hands and clapped to imitate hoof sounds.
The undergrads just stared at me.
Oh come on! Just because you were born in 1990 shouldn't mean you don't get a Monty Python reference!
Never mind.
Come back and I'll taunt you again. Yeah, that's right! I'm talking to you! Icky icky icky pikang zoop boing. You heard me!
P.S. I decided Friday the 13th had to be the luckiest day to start blogging again.