Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Golf = ROFL

I am going back to school with the intent of becoming a P.E./Health teacher. Since I'll evenutally be responsible for teaching different sports, part of my education is learning these sports. This semester I'm in a class that focuses on golf for the first several weeks then switches to handball for the last half.

Friday was the first day our class went to the driving range. Now, I have been to a driving range before but I'm not very good. Period. I couldn't even remember which club to use. In fact, until Friday, I defined golf very differently.

Golf according to Charlottalove:

Club: Where a UGA student goes to par-tay.
Ball: A traditional dance requiring dresses or tuxes.
Mulligan: Gilligan's cousin. I picture him with a mullet.
Course: A class offered by UGA.
18 holes: What an 18-wheeler will get if it drives over a pile of nails.
Iron: Element on the periodic table represented by the letters Fe.
Wedge: A style of shoe.
Putter: A vehicle with starting difficulties.
Tiger Woods: Sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Birdie: Lunch for a cat.
Greens: Vegetables at dinner time.
Stroke: A swimming maneuver.
Driving Range: Area a teenager is allowed to take the car without consequences.
Slice: An order of pizza.
Swing: Type of equipment at the park.

As you can see, I have lots to learn. It should be fun though. Part of my grade requires me to play a round of 9 holes. Wish me luck ~ I'm off to the driving ran...

oops...sorry about that.
You have probably noticed but I thought I but I thought I should explain. Due to my new schedule, my blog posts and comments to your blogs have been and will be a bit erratic. This graduate school idea was a bit harder than I anticipated.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Master Degree

Graduate school is in session. Although I plan to earn my Masters, I also plan to master a few areas: the bus and my watch.

On the first day of orientation I opted to ride the bus to class instead of dealing with parking passes and limited spaces. I mapped the route I'd ride. That morning - a drizzly morning - I arrived at 7:30. Orientation began at 8:30 - plenty of time. What I didn't realize was that UGA and the Athens Transit both stopped at my stop. I hopped on the first bus that came - the Athens City Transit. The route followed the UGA route for a few minutes but then turned away from campus. Uh oh... In the end, I rode the bus to downtown Athens, swapped to the UGA bus, rode back to a connecting stop, and got to orientation at 8:45.

Sigh...the first day of orientation. I will master the bus system.

The second item is my watch. I'm not a watch person. I own watches - I just don't wear them. My 'watch' is my cell phone. The phone method isn't very convenient though in class so I wore a watch the first day of class. At 12:45 I heard a faint beepbeep. beepbeep. beepbeep. coming from my wrist. I had no idea the alarm was set. How would I know? I'm typically at work or at lunch during that time. The alarm would have only had my jewelry as an audience. Not knowing anything about the buttons on the watch, I hit several until I found one to silence the alarm.

5 minutes later I heard beepbeep. beepbeep. beepbeep. My alarm had a snooze?! Again I hit several buttons and the alarm paused. Class would continue for another hour. Taking notes in 5 minute intervals just wouldn't work. I fiddled around and changed the alarm for several hours later.

5 minutes later: beepbeep. beepbe. I was prepared this time. I quickly hit what obviously was the snooze button. Realizing that the new alarm time hadn't worked, I changed the actual clock time. The alarm didn't sound again.

I can just see some student approaching me in the morning to find out the time. "Well, I'm sure it's around 9 although my watch indicates 7:22 pm."

Sigh...the first day of class. I will master my watch.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rewind Button

One of my coworkers just moved with her husband to Florida. Her daughter had 5 fish that were not able to go. I offered to take the fish and add them to my tank. Her daughter was happy to know her fish had a new home and I brought the fish to the house on Monday. The fish tank I currently have in my room takes up half my desk. I knew another tank was out of the question. I mentioned a few ideas to Little Boy Blue.

"Little Boy, we can either combine these new fish with those in my large tank or put the small tank in your room. Which would you like?"
"I want the new fish in my room."

Done. We set up the tank and he has been great at taking care of his five new pets. Tuesday morning he came to my room and explained what each fish was doing. One was near the castle, another just swimming, one was behind a rock, and two were busy chasing each other. He was thrilled.

We went downstairs for breakfast. As I sat to eat my cereal, Little Boy Blue contemplated, then spoke. "I like my new fish... but, now I want a puppy."

He looked at me with puppy eyes.

Oh dear. I think I started something.

I don't want to be the bad guy that says no to a puppy!

Does life have a rewind button?

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Never Ending Story

It's been well over six months since I learned I was accepted to the University of Georgia and set up an online student account. The semester begins next Monday so it's come time to pay tuition. In an attempt to tie up all loose ends before class starts, I went online to pay. I guessed at my username and password. The first attempt failed which wasn't too much of a surprise.

Username: Charlottalove
Password: ******
Username and or password is not correct.

Hmm, I thought. I should make sure this is my username. I clicked on the ‘Forget Your Username?’ link.

Social Security Number: 123-45-6789
Birthday: **/**/****
Your username is ‘_____’

Okay, that wasn’t what I tried originally. Here I go for round 2.

Username: ‘_____’
Password: ******
Username and or password is not correct.

Hmm. This is frustrating. I guess I need to click the ‘Forget Your Password’ link.

To receive your password, you must answer your secret question.

Oh, this should be fun. Wonder which secret question I picked.

You have not selected a secret question. Click here to set up secret question.


Enter your username and password.

I don’t know my password!

Click here if you do not know your password.


Answer your secret question.


You have not selected a secret question. Click here to set up secret question.


Enter your username and password.


Dear UGA,
I have some money I want to give to you. All I ask for in return is my online password. Meet me behind the stadium at 5. I’ll have the money. Tell no one. This is top secret – much like the question I’ve yet to select.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to the Future

I found this list the other day.

Obviously it's a list of what some one wants for Christmas. Initially I assumed the list belonged to Little Boy Blue since he's the only one that would ask for Time Machine parts.

Then I read chocolate as the second item. I certainly understand why chocolate would be listed as top priority. Is chocolate also that important to Little Boy Blue or is this a list I wrote when I was younger? ...oh the mysteries.

And one more thought. The first item specifically asks for a Time Machine Clock. This indicates, to me, that the writer already owns a Time Machine but wants to accessorize with a new clock, similar to someone purchasing a new stereo for their car. If my theory is correct, time travel could be more than just a concept at my house. Which begs the question, is this list from the future? or the past?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Wedding Story

Mama Mia and P2 have always said they would pay me to elope. Sure a wedding is traditional and beautiful but eloping is much less expensive. Until this weekend, I was open to their suggestion, male suitor still pending of course.

After seeing my best friend of 20+ years walk down the isle, the stress associated with weddings suddenly seemed fun.

In fact, I'm starting to rethink the whole 'eloping' bit.

I'm open to red hair extensions.

I'm open to graffiti backdrops in my bridal portrait.

I'm open to sitting down and relaxing.

I'm certainly open to a limo ride!

P2, Mama Mia...How much do you love me?

One word of advice: Don't leave your camera at the table if an older wedding guest asks you to dance. Shelly Belly decided she would play paparazzi.

What is this? Am I yawning?

Okay, enough with the camera.

Shelly Belly! I know where you live...