Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Little Boy Blue: Have you seen a key?
Me: A key? No. What is the key for?
Little Boy Blue: My treasure box.
Me: Oh. Your treasure box is locked?
Little Boy Blue: Of course!
Me: Well what's in your treasure box?
Little Boy Blue: My pants.
Me: Your what?!
Little Boy Blue: My pants. The ones I'm supposed to wear on Sundays.
Me: Your church pants are in your treasure chest?
Little Boy Blue: Yes.
Me: What did you wear to church on Sunday?
Little Boy Blue: Some other pants that weren't church pants.
Me: (laughing) I see.
Little Boy Blue: So have you seen the key?
Me: No.
5 minutes later
Little Boy Blue: Do you know where I can find a toolbox?
Me: Um, why do you need a toolbox?
Little Boy Blue: Because I am going to unscrew the hinges on the treasure chest.
Me: Smart idea! Although, I don't think you have the safest treasure chest considering you don't need a key to open it...

Moral of the story: Always have a toolbox nearby. Especially if you plan to attend church.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Fool me once, shame on you...
A young man once came to the office where I work. His face was so badly beaten that one eye was swollen shut. He told me he was out of gas money and had resorted to selling his possessions so he could get home. He pulled a gold watch from his pocket and said I could have it for $5. The watch was hideous. I told him I didn't want the watch but would give him two dollars. He took my money and turned. Before he could leave, a cop entered the office. I watched this man get frisked, handcuffed, and taken to the back seat of the police car. The officer came back to tell me that the young man had robbed a woman earlier that morning and was selling her items to make money. I thanked him for coming (obviously) and went on with my day. My money was never returned but I consider $2 a small price for a life lesson.

Fool me twice, shame on me...
A week later a guy came to the office. His car had run out of gas up the road and did I have a couple of bucks he could have? I pointed across the road to a gas station. "Sir, just last week I gave some cash to a guy - said he needed gas money - he happened to have a warrant out for his arrest. I don't give cash out anymore but I'll make you a deal. Get your car to the gas station across the road and I'll put in $10 worth of gas." He complained that his car was up the road and wouldn't make it to the gas station. "Sir, you are asking for my money. You need to meet me halfway - which is that gas station across the road." He left and I never saw him again.

Open mouth, insert foot...
Sometime last year I was sitting in my car in a parking lot. I heard a tap-tap on my window. I looked and a woman was standing next to my door. I rolled down the window. She explained that her car was out of gas and she needed to get home. I checked my rear view mirror. I wondered if I had a sign on my head telling people to ask me for money. Again, I pointed across the street. "Ma'am, I won't give you cash but I'll meet you over at that gas station and put $10 worth of fuel in your car." She smiled and thanked me. I watched her get into her car and drive to the gas station.


So I put in a few gallons.

Karma? I'm getting low on fuel. Can you loan me $10?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take Another One Just In Case

Thanks to a friend who sold me a ticket for face value, I was able to attend the football game this past weekend. I wanted pictures to document the occasion so I asked Little Boy Blue to take one.
"Well, that's nice but you cut off the top of my head. Take another one but get my whole face this time."
" got my head but I don't need the rest of the hallway and bedroom in the shot. This is better but take another picture and this time zoom in a bit."
"Okay, I know I said zoom in but I didn't mean like this. Take another picture but, see this area I'm outlining with my fingers, that's what needs to be in the picture."
"Thank you. It's sideways but it will work."
Little Boy Blue is smart. He knew exactly what he was doing each time. I think he just likes my camera.
Oh! and can you believe this is another post regarding sports?! This won't be routine - trust me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seeing Red

Athens is home to the University of Georgia. The college crowd brings plenty of commerce to the city but nothing compares to a weekend when the mighty Bulldogs play.

This past weekend was the first game of the season. We played (and beat) Georgia Southern. I tried to get tickets but had to walk away when the price exceeded my budget. I still wanted to be involved so I went downtown and documented the energy as best I could with my camera.

Someone once told me that in the South, football is religion. As you can see, Sunday dress certainly applies.

Well, okay, maybe not everyone was dressed in their Sunday best.
But here at the Sanford Stadium Ministry, we don't discriminate. Come as you are!

No shoes? No problem.

No shirt? No problem.

No barber... um, we can help.

No fashion sense, come anyway!

Goooo Dawgs!