Thursday, May 21, 2009


Dear Lego Corporation,

My name is Charlottalove.

I happen to like Volkswagen Bugs.

Well, like is an understatement.

I guess I love VWs. Okay, okay, I'm obsessed.
Anyway, I noticed you have a new set available.
...titled CHARLOTTE
Are you kidding me?
A Volkswagen beetle set called Charlotte?!?
Did I just die and go to VW heaven?
Lego, I think I love you. We were meant to be together. Just like two connecting pieces.

Signed, Charlottalove

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels and Demon

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all you moms reading this. I hope those loved ones in your life did something to let you know how appreciated you really are.

Shelly Belly certainly made Mama Mia's day when this arrived.
It's 6 angels sitting on a bench. How fitting since Mama Mia and P2 have 6 of us chill'en.

I took a good look and, from what I can figure, this angelic group represents us fairly accurately. The first angel is Johnny-Cherie. She's always leaning on someone with her arm linked through theirs. Although this angel isn't linking arms but it's cuddly, just like Johnny.

The next angel is me. I'm sitting next to Smelly-Shelly. I've linked my arm and I seem to have a concerned face as I look at Shelly ~ an almost eldest-sister type of concern and love. ...but it's all a show. If anyone in the family is going to 'sympathize' with sarcasm, it's me. I feel that this angel is a bit of a prankster. Meanwhile, Smelly-Shelly, the mature sister at times, seems to look at me with a 'oh, won't you ever grow up?' look. Just like real life in a way.
(Isn't that right Smelly-Shelly?)

Which brings me to Julia Gulia. She and Smelly are the closest in age. They were always together when they were young girls and formed a tight sisterly bond. These two angels are smack dab in the center and seem to share a history.

Now, one thing I've never mentioned on this blog is Julia Gulia and her hugs. Man, the girl loves hugs. Especially from Little Boy Blue. Oh, I should mention that Little Boy Blue doesn't really like hugs. Especially ones from Julia Gulia. Which is fitting that Julia Gulia's angel is trying to embrace Little Boy Blue as he tries desperately to push her away from him.

Just one angel left. Looks to me like this angel is bored. He's looking at his fingers as if to imply his cuticles are more important than this silly group activity. The only sibling left is TheDeanInc ...but he couldn't care less about his cuticles. Surely this isn't TheDeanInc. In fact, something's just not right about this angel. It's like it's almost TheDeanInc and yet...something's just...I don't know, I can't put my finger on it.

TheDeanInc? Is that you? TheDeeeeeeeeeeeeeanInnnnnnnnnnnc? Where are you?

Oh! There you are! Yes, that's TheDeanInc I know.

There you are Mama Mia. Happy Mother's Day from all your angels.
And your son.