Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Make Me Laugh

I enjoyed a weekend getaway to Six Flags with the family and some friends. Three of us - Julia-Gulia, her friend, and I - decided to ride the Devil Dive.

Oh. My. Goodness.
No visit to Six Flags should be considered complete without this ride. In one word, it was awesome.
Unfortunately, it was also hilarious. Typically I like laughing. Typically I'm standing or sitting on the ground while I'm laughing. Typically I don't struggle with bladder control.

Ew! No I did not wet my pants.
All I'm saying is this: when you are strapped to a body suit, which is dangling from a large structure, it's no time for a sister to scream at full capacity - because I'll quiet her long enough to ask, "Do you really want to do this?" and she'll answer, "I have to now! We're up in the air already. It's like being pregnant... I have to have the baby* whether I want to or not. Let's have the baby!" which I'll start laughing uncontrollably.

And uncontrollable laughter at 125 feet in the air is not advisable. It's impossible to take a break to the Ladies Room. This ride isn't for the light minded or silly. In fact, the next time I go, I'm bringing my boring friends.

ps. no body suits were soiled in the making of this post.
*Julia Gulia is not pregnant. It was only an analogy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Which Witch?

It’s October.
That means Halloween.
And Halloween decorations.
Someone around here loves Halloween decorations. In particular, witches. Can you guess who?
Me? Well, no. Pumpkins are more my thing.
Little Boy Blue? No. Not him.
P2? No. Here’s a clue, SHE really likes witches.
Johnny Cherie? Nope.
Julia Gulia? Witches really aren’t her thing either.
Shelly Belly? Nah, not so much.
You get one more guess and if you get it wrong, MAMA MIA (hint, hint) is going to summon her ‘friends’ to put a hex on you.
You guessed Mama Mia! Yes. And just in time I might add…
A main ingredient for her potion includes the boot from a witch. She was halfway there!Lucky you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adieu, I Do

I think there was something in the water this summer. Every weekend, it seemed, was some one's wedding, engagement, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. No matter which direction I looked, it was wedding, wedding, wedding.

Speaking of weddings, I received a proposal.

Yes, the marriage kind!

When am I getting married? Well, there's a few complications.

Complications? For starters, I need to know his name.

No, I don't know his name. It happened so quickly.

No! I didn't meet him on some random dating website. Just listen...

Look, do you want to hear the story or not?

Okay then. So a few years ago my sister, Johnny Cherie, gave me a paper weight for my birthday. It looks just like a solitaire engagement ring. I took it to work and it proved to be a great conversation starter. One weekend, one of the office suites next to us had an attempted robbery. The county sent over two police men to check for damage. Since our office shares a back hallway with our neighbors, the cops came to our suite as well. I assured them that we had looked through the office and nothing was damaged or missing. As the cops turned to leave, the ring caught the attention of one officer.

"Wow, that's a nice ring!"
"It is, thank you. I'm just waiting for the guy that comes with it."

To my surprise, he picked up the ring, dropped to one knee, and proposed.

I was speechless.

I usually have, as the name suggests, a lotta thoughts sprinting through my mind but at that moment, I had absolutely no thought, no idea, and no clue how to respond.

So I blushed.

And he laughed. He put the ring back on my desk and walked out. Out of the office and out of my life.

Um, Mr. Officer? Hello? Were you serious? Hello? "I do." Can you hear me? Mr. Officer?