Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Char-Lettes

My church hosts an annual Oscar Night. Any member can submit a video 5 minutes or less in length to be judged. The audience views all the entries and votes for the standard categories: best actor, best actress, best music, best animation, etc.

I decided to enter a video this year (because I'm in graduate school and have an abundance of free time...cough, cough). I wanted to make a music video featuring music from The Trans Siberian Orchestra. I love their music. I have been known to listen to their songs in the summer. I know, I know, shame on me. Anyway, I filmed the video (which took awhile) and handed the clips to my fantastic film friend Janet who did the editing, cropping, and designing. The video won Best Actress and Best Costume/Make up.

Here are the Char-Lettes performing Queen of the Winter Night.

Untitled from JanetFelosi on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

List Noted

I received an email from P-Squared regarding Little Boy Blue's Christmas list.

Little Boy Blue revealed his wish list a few weeks ago when in Target. I took notes. Some of the Lego toys are under $20. He tore the pictures out of a catalog and keeps them handy to look at and covet. Er, I mean, dream.

P-Squared then listed five different Lego sets.

I noticed he'd copied all the siblings minus Little boy. I took the opportunity to respond first.

Dad, since I wasn't at Target with you, my wish list is unknown. To be helpful, I've responded with my list. I like
- a new car
- a road bike (I'll even settle for one that's only $1,000)
- tuition paid in full

Then the email responses snow-balled. First from TheDeanInc.

Since we are all laying this out there, I want:
- a 3 year old BMW M3 (not as picky on the 'new' part that Charlotta wants)
- some new jeans, preferably True Religions.
Scratch that...just get me some very high valued Nordstrom gift cards.

Next from P-Squared himself:
Well, if we're revealing, I want
- a new truck. Then Johnny can drive my truck.
- some new shirts and slacks.
- a replacement of the Acura for (me) mama mia

- a new garage door
- or shingles for the house.
Nothing TOO costly.

Then Johnny commented:
That's an ugly truck, no offense, but if you're the one driving it, then SURE, go for it!

And finally Smelly Shelly wrote:
I need these. (She's enrolled in Dental Hygiene school) They range from $700 - 900 but I don't know if that includes a prescription.

- this car
...or the SUV
...or a black Range Rover


I hope Mama Mia wants a new four car garage...