Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are Your Eyes Watering or Is It Just Me?

I'm still amazed that people can't spell my name.

I was downtown running some errands one day and decided to get a bite to eat. I placed my order and gave my name to the cashier.

I sat and waited. Looked around at the other customers. Watched some television.

And heard my name butchered over the intercom.

“Sure-la? Cher? Shauna?”

I turned and clarified, “Charlotte?”

“Oh, yeah. That’s what this says.”

I got my food and looked at the receipt.


As in the onion?

Hi. My name is Shalot. Don't come too close. I'll make you cry.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Payne

I was driving through a neighborhood and stumbled upon a house with not only an Obama sign but also a McCain banner as well.  I'm happy that they each are voting for who they think will do best, but I think this couple is about to begin a 4 year-long "I told you so..." debate.  

They each are taking a stance, and that's what's important.  In the words of T.I., it's America - you can vote however you like.