Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Char-Lettes

My church hosts an annual Oscar Night. Any member can submit a video 5 minutes or less in length to be judged. The audience views all the entries and votes for the standard categories: best actor, best actress, best music, best animation, etc.

I decided to enter a video this year (because I'm in graduate school and have an abundance of free time...cough, cough). I wanted to make a music video featuring music from The Trans Siberian Orchestra. I love their music. I have been known to listen to their songs in the summer. I know, I know, shame on me. Anyway, I filmed the video (which took awhile) and handed the clips to my fantastic film friend Janet who did the editing, cropping, and designing. The video won Best Actress and Best Costume/Make up.

Here are the Char-Lettes performing Queen of the Winter Night.

Untitled from JanetFelosi on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

List Noted

I received an email from P-Squared regarding Little Boy Blue's Christmas list.

Little Boy Blue revealed his wish list a few weeks ago when in Target. I took notes. Some of the Lego toys are under $20. He tore the pictures out of a catalog and keeps them handy to look at and covet. Er, I mean, dream.

P-Squared then listed five different Lego sets.

I noticed he'd copied all the siblings minus Little boy. I took the opportunity to respond first.

Dad, since I wasn't at Target with you, my wish list is unknown. To be helpful, I've responded with my list. I like
- a new car
- a road bike (I'll even settle for one that's only $1,000)
- tuition paid in full

Then the email responses snow-balled. First from TheDeanInc.

Since we are all laying this out there, I want:
- a 3 year old BMW M3 (not as picky on the 'new' part that Charlotta wants)
- some new jeans, preferably True Religions.
Scratch that...just get me some very high valued Nordstrom gift cards.

Next from P-Squared himself:
Well, if we're revealing, I want
- a new truck. Then Johnny can drive my truck.
- some new shirts and slacks.
- a replacement of the Acura for (me) mama mia

- a new garage door
- or shingles for the house.
Nothing TOO costly.

Then Johnny commented:
That's an ugly truck, no offense, but if you're the one driving it, then SURE, go for it!

And finally Smelly Shelly wrote:
I need these. (She's enrolled in Dental Hygiene school) They range from $700 - 900 but I don't know if that includes a prescription.

- this car
...or the SUV
...or a black Range Rover


I hope Mama Mia wants a new four car garage...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Weddings are for Normal People

Question: What do normal people do at weddings?

Answer: I suppose they sit politely, stand/sing/clap/pray at the appropriate times, and socialize/dance during the reception.

I wouldn't know. I'm not 'normal'.

Question: What do I do at weddings?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked. I sneak away with Little Boy Blue, find naked statue gardens, and take pictures. I think my way is waaaaaay more fun.

Dear Josh and Danielle ~ Congratulations! Thanks for inviting my family to your special day. You mentioned I was missing from the pictures the photographer took. Hmm, that's weird. I guess the photographer and I always just missed each other. I mean, I was there. Regardless, Little Boy Blue and I had lots of fun. It's certainly a wedding he and I will never forget. Much love ~ Charlottalove

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Wreckiest Night Ever

I got to meet Jen Yates on Monday night!

What? You don't know who she is?


Well, I suppose I need to tell you about her.

Jen Yates is the Mastermind behind the funniest 'food' blog I've ever read. It's called Cake Wrecks and you should be ashamed of yourself if you've never read it. But, your personal mistakes aside, her blog makes my day. I literally "LOL" at each post.

When she mentioned she was writing a book, I knew it would be something I'd enjoy. To add icing to the, erm, cake, she announced a book tour with a stop in Atlanta.

And she mentioned there would be cake.

(A fra-reaking awesome cake!)

Um, Sign. Me. Up!

Now, as part of the book tour, each stop has a contest. Anyone attending is welcome to submit a cupcake replica of one of the cake disasters on her website.

I opted for 'I want sprinkles' cake. Here is the original cake posted on her blog.

Here's my cupcake replica. Mine actually had sprinkles. (I didn't win.)

It was to be me and Julia-Gulia. We invited Mama Mia to join us but, unfortunately, she had previous obligations and told us to have fun. We couldn't just leave her out of the evening though. What could we do to help Mama Mia experience the full wreckiness of our evening?

We made a cake.

The ugliest cake we could create.

(Julia-Gulia and I are torn: is it the back of Oscar the Grouch's head or a moldy football? We can't decide.)

And we had Jen autograph it.

She admitted this was the first time she'd ever been asked to autograph a cake.

I'm glad we could make her first experience so ...wrecky.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thankful Comma For Little Boys

December 2008: Sunday dinner ~ Our guest, John, was seated and it was time to bless the food. My dad asked Little Boy Blue to offer the prayer. Although he meant to indicate two separate phrases, he didn't pause between the words 'came' and 'for' so his prayer sounded like this:

We are thankful that John came for the food.

We each chuckled. Even Little Boy Blue appreciated the mistake.

September 2009: Sunday dinner ~ Our guest, John, is again seated and it's time to bless the food. Little Boy, an emerging prankster like the rest of us, offered to say grace.

We are thankful that John came comma for the food.

My chuckle - during the prayer - was quite audible and soon joined by others.

I sure hope God has a sense of humor.

Otherwise comma I'm in big trouble.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time is Money

It's been a long time since I blogged!

Speaking of time, I needed a clock in the bathroom. I was tired of not knowing how long I had to get ready and inevitably getting to places late.* I looked online for some clocks and was surprised at how expensive most were. I didn't want something round and 'normal' but the further away from a standard clock I looked, the higher the price tag rose. I decided I would make my own clock and I figured I could do it for under $20.

I started with a picture frame I found on sale for $8. **
Clock components were $6.

My dad gave me a piece of spare plywood and even cut it to fit the middle of the frame. Free!
I wanted to paint the plywood the same color of the bathroom - key lime pie. The spare paint from the bathroom had long been used so I went and bought a pint of paint. I was completely unprepared for the going rate of paint.
I don't want to talk about this anymore.

The hands that came with the clock components were brass and little and, well, just too plain. I found some that I loved for $3.

And now I know what time it is when I'm doing my hair or putting on my makeup.

Total Price: $33.75

So I blew my budget of $20 but I also have a clock I enjoy.

Oh, and on a side note, if you need anything painted a greenish color similar to key lime pie, anything at all, I've got a whole pint of paint left.

*I'm still late but now I have a cool clock that tells me exactly how late I'll be.
** Excuse the picture quality. I'm guessing my camera was on the wrong setting. Normally my pictures aren't so grainy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hindsight is $20 $20

I wanted glasses when I was younger. So badly, in fact, that I popped out the tinted lenses from a pair of sunglasses and wore just the frames.

Everywhere. To school, to the grocery store, around the house, while playing outside...

I remember riding my bicycle in the street one day while wearing my glasses. The neighbors were remodeling their home and a construction crew was busy at work. I rode up then down the street; up and back again. I'm not sure if I hit a small rock or shifted my balance but one moment I was riding high and the next found me on the asphalt next to my fallen bike. I laid there for what seemed like only a second before a construction member rushed to my side to help me. He picked up my bike and I dusted my knees. He then retrieved my blue frames and handed them to me.

I was humiliated.

He knew! He knew my adorable, cute frames were fake! Never mind that I'd just crashed my bike in front of him, he knew my glasses were plastic, empty frames.

I went in the house and waited until they left before I rode my bike again.

Little did I know that I would actually need glasses in 8th grade.

I wanted braces when I was younger. So badly, in fact, that I carefully unbent a paper clip until it resembled my top row of teeth. I crumbled small bits of aluminum foil around the paper clip to form makeshift brackets. I connected the paperclip and brackets to my teeth with a rubber band. It was a nuisance to keep in my mouth (I laugh now at how dedicated I was to this endeavor) but I would put it in my mouth each afternoon as soon as I got home from school.
Little did I know that I would actually need braces during high school.
I wish I'd recognized the trend when I was little.
* Wear fake glasses, get real glasses
* Wear fake braces, get real braces
I sure wish I'd carried around a pocketful of Monopoly money.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Bl*nk*ng Car

My car is a keeper. I bought her after I graduated from college in 2002 and she's been my trusty sidekick since. She and I have been to various states, run over a few nails, blown a tire on the interstate, and been pulled over for going a little too fast.

As cool cars go, I think mine's the coolest. I mean, she blinks.

BLINKS, I tell ya!

I bet your car doesn't blink.

Please ignore the check engine light. I ran out of electrical tape. Oh, and ignore the fact that every time I shift, the car clunks like a cheap casino machine. Most car owners can only wish to be that cool.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Tri-ed

A few months ago, a friend mentioned she was training for a triathlon. Being the great friend that I am, I decided to invite myself. We trained on our own and shared a few concerns / tips / achievements when we saw each other. Then the week of the event came.
I couldn't sleep.
Every night was a dream about the event. I dreamt I forgot my socks. My shoes. My hat. One night I actually dreamt that someone stole the front tire from my bike. It was a long week.
And then Saturday came.
Four of us traveled to Hilton Head, SC the day before. We ate dinner, went for a leisurely swim at the hotel, and packed the car for the next day. 5:15 on a Saturday comes quickly!
We left the hotel and got to the beach at 6:15. This is my 'remind me why I'm here so early and why are you taking pictures of me' face. Cute. I know.

We registered. Got our race numbers. They put your registration number on your arm and your age on your leg. I'm telling you...there's nothing like nearly running out of energy during the running portion - you want to quit - and then you see some lady pass you and she has a '59' written on her calf to get you moving again!

It was my second sprint triathlon. I'm not brave enough to try longer distances yet.

And ladies, um, ladies...let me give you six reasons why you should compete in a triathlon.

Did you find all six abs? Um, hello!

Oh, hi mom. ahem.
As I was saying... what was I saying?!

Oh, right, 6 reasons why you should compete in a triathlon.
1. It's fun.
2. You get to swim in the ocean.
3. You get a tan.
4. You get a t-shirt.
5. You are done by 10 in the morning and can spend the rest of the day on the beach.
6. You can blog about it.

Try it!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Preview

Hint: There was water. There was a bike. There was running.
And there was a farmer's tan.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Whirlpool of Trouble

A bit of trouble - that's what seems to happen when three bored siblings are left alone* at my house. What happened at your house when you got in trouble?A swat with a wooden spoon or belt? A bar of soap in the mouth? A night with no dinner?

Well, it's a bit different for Little Boy Blue and Johnny Cherie. You don't even want to know what they did.

Alright you two, you may come out of the dryer now.

Let that be a lesson to you.
If this behavior continues, you know what happens...it's the fluff cycle for you!

*Always a fun day at the house when there is a camera phone, and empty dryer, and three bored siblings. I may or may not have tried to get in the dryer but something about my legs being waaaaaaaay too long and awkward to fit.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Dad

I made this at the beginning of the year.

I prepped four cork boards.
I shopped and bought material. I covered the cork boards. I sanded.
I stained.
I glued reinforcement tabs on the back.
And I finished.
Oh, I forgot to mention that P2 helped. In fact, he cut the wood and drilled all the necessary holes. (It was freezing that morning if you can't tell.) So basically I'd just have some covered cork boards and a 10 foot 2x4 without his help.
P2, I love you. Thanks for the structure and framing you give to my life.
Happy (late) Father's Day. I'm glad I have you to call Dad!