Friday, May 30, 2008

Right vs Left

I went to lunch with two friends who are both left handed. That meant I was the odd man out, or the right-handed woman out, or the goofy handed girl out - however you define it. We discussed several topics during lunch and somehow ended on a conversation about computers. Ironically, I'm the only one who places the computer mouse on the left. I have done this for years.

Last night in class, I was bored. My mind wandered back to lunch and I wondered what life would be like if I were left handed. One thought lead to another and soon I was more interested in left-hand doodles than the Krebs Cycle. I took out a sheet of paper and wrote "I like blogging" with my right hand. I repositioned the paper and copied the phrase with my left hand. I continued this for several more phrases. I share a table with a classmate and I think I caught him glancing over a few times trying to see what I was writing. Nothing to see here buddy. Just practicing my penmanship.

If someone could please explain the Krebs Cycle to me...neither my right or left side was paying attention.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fuel for the Memory

It's no secret that gas prices are rising. I filled my tank last Wednesday at $3.79 a gallon. Two days later, the price had risen to $3.97. In an effort to pinch a few pennies, I've limited my driving to only include work, school, or church. If an errand is en route I will stop but otherwise, I bike or walk.

Friday evening after dinner, I cleared the table and set my books out to study.

*Please stop reading if you are looking for an adventurous post. Friday night - studying for a test? My life doesn't get any more exciting. I hope you can handle the adrenaline rush.

Still here? Okay, but I warned you.

I got my books out to study. Then the craving came. Chocolate. I needed chocolate to study properly. I knew I didn't have any stashed away. I clearly would need to make a quick trip to the store.

Little Boy Blue seemed bored so I asked if he wanted to ride his bike next to me as I walked. He was so excited and quickly put on his boots. Right as we stepped outside, a few rain drops fell. Little Boy Blue groaned and asked, "What will we do if it rains?" I replied, "I guess we will get wet." "Really?! You are the coolest sister ever!" (I know.)

So we walked. And it rained. And we got wet.

And I haven't had that much fun on a Friday night in a long time. We talked about school, and bugs, and books, and camping, and candy, and games, and friends. Eventually we arrived at the store. I got my chocolate and he got some gum.

And then we were home. The event was so simple - just a walk with my brother - but the conversation and laughs we had will always be a fond memory.

Yes fuel prices are rising but I'm not worried. I saved 18 cents to the gallon by walking and was rewarded with an experience worth much more.

Turns out walking with a loved one is priceless.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Botox Alternative

The University of Georgia requires all new students to update their immunization records. Since my last shot was administered in 1990, I was past due on several accounts. I took care of that on Tuesday. So now, if you sit by me, I may bite but at least I'm not contagious.

While I waited to be a human pin cushion, I noticed an advertisement poster for Botox on the wall. The pictures showed a before and after picture of two individuals who'd had injections. The after pictures showed full, plump, smiling faces. The before showed the sad, wrinkled state the faces had once been.

Wait a minute...

Is it just me or does the before picture look like the model simply scrunched up his/her forehead by scowling?

That forehead wrinkle seems so familiar... as if I've seen it before... but where?

Oh yes, now I know!

Introducing needle-less botox: Are you nervous to visit a doctor? Do needles make you cringe? Try new 'Zam-Tox. Even the biggest skeptic will find 'Zam-Tox straightforward. Simply enroll in a local college, attend class, and wait. Results may take a few weeks but are guaranteed by the first exam. See for yourself.
Before an exam:
After an exam:
"I've used 'Zam-Tox for two semesters and the results are visible to all. Thank you 'Zam-Tox. If I knew I could be wrinkle free, I'd have gone back to school years ago!"

'Zam-Tox: The Smart Botox

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life Happens

I'll be back on Friday!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I Am Thankful

I am thankful for no social life.
It means school occupies four nights out of every week and I'm closer to my goal of becoming a teacher.

I am thankful for my final coming up in three weeks.
It means I will be done with school in three weeks.

I am thankful for sore muscles.
It means I got to work out.

I am thankful for dirty dishes.
It means I have enough food to eat.

I am thankful for piles of laundry to fold.
It means I have clothes to wear and a washing machine nearby.

I am thankful for car repairs.
It means I am able to travel to school, work, and home. It's not the fanciest car on the block but that means thieves know I'm not hiding any money within.

I am thankful for my stress fracture.
It means I take life a little slower. I get to stop and smell the roses.

I am thankful for Friday evening.
It means the weekend is just around the corner.

Is it Monday already?! sigh...

I am grateful for Monday.
It means Friday is only 4 days away.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Twenty Buckaroos

Twenty Dollars: How would I spend $20? I'd go to one of my favorite stores and purchase some fish. Not the type to cook but the colorful living type to go in my fish tank. Did you know that I've had my fish tank running for a month with no fish? Of course not...I didn't blog that information.

I really enjoy watching fish. I could spend hours sitting in front of an aquarium and have spent entire lunch breaks at the fish shop just enjoying the colors and movements of my marine friends. I purchased two frogs and some fish after my move to Georgia and chronicled their deaths in earlier posts.

After taking a little break, I decided to try my hands at fish again. I bought a new filter, poured in gallons of purified water, and purchased gold fish to acclimate the tank. By the end of two weeks, I'd flushed each fish down the porcelain slide to their final destination.

I'm beginning to worry. It seems I kill everything I touch. And remember last years attempt at gardening? I harvested a total of three beans. Three beans! I think my green thumb is laced with cyanide. It's a good thing I don't have children.

Hey's post isn't supposed to be about me! I am to announce the winner of the random drawing. Drum roll please.....

I entered the range 1 - 31 for a random number. It spit out 12. So Mona, you are the lucky winner of a $20 giftcard. Email me at charlottalove (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize. Oh, and I noticed you wanted to spend the money at a book store. If you get a chance, look to see if they sell Keeping Pet Fish Alive for Dummies. I have a, uh, friend, who needs that book.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wake-Up Call

I am tired!

Going to school part time while working full time has started to take a toll on my body. I won't complain though. There are others with far more demanding schedules than mine that still manage to balance school and life. But boy, I am tired!

Yesterday morning was a daze. I answered phones and gave information but my mind was too tired to concentrate. Menial tasks I typically finish quickly took additional time and effort to complete. I was struggling. Noon finally arrived. Since someone has to man the phones, or in my case woman the phones, while the guys are at lunch, I stay in the office until they return at 1. The phone rang around 12:15. Groggily I answered:

Good Afternoon. This is Charlotte.
Hi Charlotte. This is ___ calling for Mark.
He's at lunch right now. Could I help you?
Perhaps. I wanted to send a construction quote for the project you have open right now.
No problem. Let me get your full name and company information.

He provided the company information.

Sir, what was your name again?
Oh right. What were we talking about? You making me dinner?
Not until I know your name.
Right. It's ___.
Thanks. I'll let Mark know you called when he returns from lunch.
Well I'm going to call back anyway. ...that means I'll get to talk to you again.

Riiiight. In a way, he was exactly what I needed. His comments jolted me awake. I didn't have time to think about being tired for the remainder of the afternoon. Thank you stranger for calling. My employer appreciated the results.

Remember to enter your name for the 200th post contest.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A 15 Minute Call

We had an eventful Mother's Day, in fact, we had an unexpected visitor: Mr. Gecko from Geico dropped by and decided to make my bedroom a temporary residence. While I think his commercials are humorous and goofy, I don't find him as pleasant in person. His visit lasted much longer than fifteen minutes and I don't think I saved any money.

A few weeks ago Johnny Cherie and I were talking in my room when she suddenly got quiet and whispered, "Kill it! Kill it!" I looked and saw a little teeny tiny spider in the corner. I took care of our friend and teased Johnny for being so afraid. It's just a little bug!

Johnny likes to think that the roles were reversed yesterday. I admit, a high pitched yelp escaped my mouth each time our little gecko friend jetted across my bedroom floor but I wasn't scared. I was merely trying to help the little guy find the door leading outside. If he would have followed my not-scared yelp, we all would have been happier.

For your viewing pleasure, Little Boy Blue, Johnny Cherie, and me attempting to save Mr. Gecko. Disclaimer: the video is sideways. Also, I did not realize my attempts to help Mr. Gecko would sound so similar to a scared school girl. I assure you, I was in control of my emotions the entire time. Repeat: I was not afraid. I was not afraid. I was not afraid.

Continued viewing pleasure: Me allowing Little Boy Blue to be the hero. I would have caught our friend myself but I believe in sharing opportunities with my younger siblings. Little Boy Blue has never caught a gecko before and I wanted him to have a chance. I've like, sooo been there done that.

Mr. Gecko, I really enjoy your commercials but next time just pick up the phone. A 15 minute phone call could save us all.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, Come On

Today is a day to celebrate. Sure it's Friday but it's also my 200th post which means I accomplished one of my New Year Resolutions!

Truth be told, this post almost didn't happen. Shortly after my 1 year blogiversary I got bored with my blog. Writing wasn't fun and I felt no motivation to keep it going. I decided I would continue posting until the new year then call it quits. It was during this period that you, that's right, you made a difference. I saw that people were actually interesting in my random thoughts; more readers started commenting; the blog became a hobby again.

Thank you to each reader!

And now to celebrate...Although this blog is a collection of my random thoughts, I want to know more about you. I want to know where you would spend a $20.00 gift card. Oh, did I mention I was giving away 200 dimes to help celebrate? Well, I am ~ in the form of a gift card. Twenty dollars. It's like a stimulus check except it's not $300, I don't care if you filed your taxes last year, and you don't have to be a US citizen. Twenty dollars. That's almost 3 gallons of gas. That's a night at the movies for two. That's 20 items from McDonald's $1 menu. It's a pair of socks on clearance at Abercrombie.

Okay, so $20 isn't much anymore but I'm still curious where you would spend it. Leave your store of choice in the comments. (One entry per person). Next Friday I'll pick a winner using Lurkers, now is the time to shine...that means you Mama Mia.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Riesens to be Healthy

I went to a series of workshops on Saturday where I learned about diabetes, exercise, women's health, and total body health. Lunch was a salad bar with dozens of various toppings, wheat rolls and fruit cups.
And dessert.
On each table was a little dish full of chocolate. I didn't want to offend any of the hosts or guest speakers from the area so I took a piece.
And another.
Oh, and one more.
I finally had to push the dish past my reach so I would stop. I remarked to those seated nearby that - starting right then and there - I had a new health goal involving chocolate. Since I struggle with chocolate temptations and could never not eat it, I would moderate my consumption to allow one piece a day. They agreed with me that the goal was obtainable.
On Saturday I purchased a small bag of Riesens. 'One piece' I told myself. Today is Wednesday. I finished the bag yesterday. I could be disappointed in my lack of control but that's just depressing. I prefer to think I'm 12 days ahead of schedule. Early is good, right?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bed Head

I had several assignments and responsibilities last week which took their toll on me. By the time Saturday finally rolled around, I was worn out. This weekend was a rare ~ I got to sleep in. Ah, friend.

I judge a good rest by my tangled covers and my tangled hair.

As you can see, I slept great.

Good Morning Little Boy Blue.

I see you also slept well.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Bucket List

Recently a friend and I watched The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The basic plot involves two men, Nicholson and Freeman, who are assigned a hospital room together. Upon learning news that each is terminally ill, they make a wish list of to-dos before they kick the bucket. The movie chronicles their last adventures.

After the movie was over my friend and I discussed our own Bucket Lists. Since I am the self appointed queen of lists, I'd written one previously. Naturally.

Random Fact #1: I don't like clutter on my desk so I filed this list. Naturally.

Random Fact #2: I have no system with my personal files. I can't find my list. Naturally.

Going by memory, here are a few I wrote down:

  • Compete in a triathlon ~ Done! I plan on competing again.
  • Grow a rose garden ~ I attempted a vegetable garden last year and cultivated a total of three, read it again, three (3) beans. I have a long way to go with this goal.
  • Visit all 50 states ~ I've got 23 out of the way.
  • Own some pearl jewelry ~ Done!
  • Play a musical number on the piano at church ~ Let me stop to say I don't know how to play the piano. Yikes! Why did I write that?
  • Play on a city soft ball team ~ Done!
  • Purchase a home ~ This will need to wait.
  • Read all of Shakespeare's work ~ Friends, Romans, Bloggers, lend me your ears. For 'tis a goal that shall take a long while. I shall get to this tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.
  • Attend and comment at a school board meeting ~ Along with purchasing the home, this goal will need to wait.

My next task is to find my Bucket List so I can remember the rest. What would you put on your Bucket List?