Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Little Boy Blue: Have you seen a key?
Me: A key? No. What is the key for?
Little Boy Blue: My treasure box.
Me: Oh. Your treasure box is locked?
Little Boy Blue: Of course!
Me: Well what's in your treasure box?
Little Boy Blue: My pants.
Me: Your what?!
Little Boy Blue: My pants. The ones I'm supposed to wear on Sundays.
Me: Your church pants are in your treasure chest?
Little Boy Blue: Yes.
Me: What did you wear to church on Sunday?
Little Boy Blue: Some other pants that weren't church pants.
Me: (laughing) I see.
Little Boy Blue: So have you seen the key?
Me: No.
5 minutes later
Little Boy Blue: Do you know where I can find a toolbox?
Me: Um, why do you need a toolbox?
Little Boy Blue: Because I am going to unscrew the hinges on the treasure chest.
Me: Smart idea! Although, I don't think you have the safest treasure chest considering you don't need a key to open it...

Moral of the story: Always have a toolbox nearby. Especially if you plan to attend church.


natalie + joshua said...

Oh my Charlotte, so funny!! But to Little Blue Boy: why were your chruch pants in the treasure chest?

Jared and Katy said...

TA'DAH! (spelling) That is really great! I'm glad he has his church pants now, thats very important!

Coordination Queen said...

So is he planning on being an engineer? Because those problem solving skills will definitely come in handy in that field.

Craze said...

How cute!

Charlotta-love said...

Nat: Sometimes you just don't ask questions.

Katy: He is ready. And it's only Tuesday. :o)

Queen: I wouldn't be surprised if he went the engineering route. He is a math whiz.

Craze: He certainly makes me laugh.

Ms. Stephanie said...

So I have very vivid memories of running into little boy blue at Smoothie King one night when he had jammed himself on the bottom shelf that was filled with protein powder. This story is even funnier

Bone said...

You should rent him out for the blog entries.

kelley said...

With each photo-still of the story I'm thinking "there's no way there's ACTUALLY pants in there." Then I got to the end. Sho nuff. It really was pants.

Celine & Cameron said...

A treasure chest for church pants? I love it! So cute :)

Shankar said...

You think Captain Kidd ever ran into this sort of problem?

PS: Where does he keep the treasure map?

Charlotta-love said...

Ms. Steph: Ohhhh boy... that was an evening.

Bone: Only $14.99 a post.

Kelley: Sho Nuff. Hence the blog entry. I didn't believe it either until I watched him unscrew the top and unfold the pants.

Celine: I need a treasure chest for money. Hey, maybe some pants with money!

Shankar: I don't think Captain Kidd was as cool as Little Boy Blue. As for the treasure map, he probably keeps it well hidden. :o) Wouldn't want any of us to find his Size 4 pants!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you, Char. I remember how you could whip just about anything into shape.

Julia said...

Well at least he found the key! He should make a spare though...for mom on Sunday mornings.