Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nice to meet you…don’t worry about my name.

Twice this morning I have been asked to spell my name over the phone. Our copier broke so I called to schedule a repair.

What is your name?
Is that with a C or a S?
With a C. Like Charlotte, North Carolina.
Can you spell that for me?
Uh sure. C – H – A – R – L – O – T – T – E.
(Laughing) Boy I’m glad you spelled that out. I royally messed that one up.

How hard is it my name to spell? I admit, when I was in 1st grade I wanted a phonetically correct name so I turned in all my papers with “Sharlet” written at the top. The teacher took me aside and said she wouldn’t accept any work unless my given name was on the top. After that, I have always gone by Charlotte. I am amazed at some of the attempted spellings though. Charolotte, Charolet, Charlet, Charolette.

Now, my family nickname is Charika.

I’ll understand if you misspell that!


bec said...

We have a friend (who is our age) and he spells his name Duhg. Because in 1st grade he learned o-u makes a sound like ouch and he didn't want people pronouncing his name incorrectly so he just started spelling it like that and hasn't gone back.

Jason said...

Since when does your name have two T's in it?

charlottalove said...

Jason, Since when does your name only have one S? :o)

Shankar said...

Siouxsie and the Banshees, anyone?

I heard of an Indian guy in the US named Sandeep who, when asked to spell his name over the phone, would say, "San as in 'Frisco, Deep as in opposite of shallow."

Shankar said...

You think you have it bad? Read this one, especially the comments at the bottom: