Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Dad

I made this at the beginning of the year.

I prepped four cork boards.
I shopped and bought material. I covered the cork boards. I sanded.
I stained.
I glued reinforcement tabs on the back.
And I finished.
Oh, I forgot to mention that P2 helped. In fact, he cut the wood and drilled all the necessary holes. (It was freezing that morning if you can't tell.) So basically I'd just have some covered cork boards and a 10 foot 2x4 without his help.
P2, I love you. Thanks for the structure and framing you give to my life.
Happy (late) Father's Day. I'm glad I have you to call Dad!


Beth said...

Well done!
And a lovely metaphor.

Coordination Queen said...

That is a very cool project. Don't you just love it that dad's are handy like that?!?

Michelle Johnson said...

Love how your cork board turned out. Dad's have a knack for being helpful, don't they? Hope all is well. Have a great night.

Shankar said...

Nicely done.