Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Wreckiest Night Ever

I got to meet Jen Yates on Monday night!

What? You don't know who she is?


Well, I suppose I need to tell you about her.

Jen Yates is the Mastermind behind the funniest 'food' blog I've ever read. It's called Cake Wrecks and you should be ashamed of yourself if you've never read it. But, your personal mistakes aside, her blog makes my day. I literally "LOL" at each post.

When she mentioned she was writing a book, I knew it would be something I'd enjoy. To add icing to the, erm, cake, she announced a book tour with a stop in Atlanta.

And she mentioned there would be cake.

(A fra-reaking awesome cake!)

Um, Sign. Me. Up!

Now, as part of the book tour, each stop has a contest. Anyone attending is welcome to submit a cupcake replica of one of the cake disasters on her website.

I opted for 'I want sprinkles' cake. Here is the original cake posted on her blog.

Here's my cupcake replica. Mine actually had sprinkles. (I didn't win.)

It was to be me and Julia-Gulia. We invited Mama Mia to join us but, unfortunately, she had previous obligations and told us to have fun. We couldn't just leave her out of the evening though. What could we do to help Mama Mia experience the full wreckiness of our evening?

We made a cake.

The ugliest cake we could create.

(Julia-Gulia and I are torn: is it the back of Oscar the Grouch's head or a moldy football? We can't decide.)

And we had Jen autograph it.

She admitted this was the first time she'd ever been asked to autograph a cake.

I'm glad we could make her first experience so ...wrecky.


Christy said...

I LOVE Cake Wrecks! I can't believe Jen has never been asked to autograph a cake. Maybe your moldy autograph cake will make tomorrow's post.

kelley said...

Haha. So rad. I can't believe no one has ever asked her to autograph a cake. Genius!

Melissa said...

You could have made that cake way worse!

Amber said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go! Bart and I LOVE cake wrecks!

Jenny G. said...

I am so glad you enjoy a blog I recommended to you so much. When she announced a tour stop in Atlanta I wanted to go, but I am in Idaho. I am glad you had fun and am super jealous I couldn't.

Lisa Johnson said...

Y'all are so much fun! I want to come live at your house for a while and make cakes and get autogrpahs! It's always a party w/ you around. :)

Jared and Katy said...

thats awesome what a creative idea!

Gwilliam House said...

I thought it was a lettuce cake. Whatever it is, I'm sure it was tasty. Or are you saving it forever? spraying with some shallaque and putting it up in a case?