Monday, November 5, 2007

Thank Goodness!

It’s November which means Thanksgiving. I like holidays! I enjoy Valentines because it’s a few days before my birthday (and there’s lots of chocolate), Halloween since I get to dress up (and there’s lots of chocolate), Easter for religious reasons (and there’s lots of chocolate), but Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite.

I think it’s a result of the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the crisp edge that outlines each breathe, the weight of my comforter on my bed, the smell of baking everywhere you go, and the fact that there’s lots of chocolate. (I’m sensing a pattern here…)

It’s a season of gratitude also ~ hence the name: Thanksgiving. Regardless of race, gender, age, or who you will vote for next November, we are all blessed and this month is the perfect time to list just how fortunate we are.

Last week, I was in a discussion with Mama Mia and Little Boy Blue about cows - don’t ask - and the process of branding the hide. We eventually ended the conversation-but not before talking about, uh, bull emasculation if you will. Little Boy Blue's eyes widened and he exclaimed, "I'm thankful I'm not a cow!"

Um, yes. Aren't we all. ...Mama Mia, what's for dinner? Hamburgers?

Oh yeah, and speaking of segways, have you submitted a caption yet?


ThomCarter said...

Conversation at your house never is dull!

Craig D said...

Cow magnets! How cool are those?

Beth said...

I'm relating to your chocolate theme...

Diesel said...

I'm just a city boy, but I'm pretty sure you can't emasculate a cow.

charlotta-love said...

Thom: no. never.

Craid: lol

Beth: I know! we should get together for chocolate sometime. :o)

Diesel: Um, you are right. I changed it. lol

Celine & Cameron said...

I love Thanksgiving because you get to eat a lot and not feel guilty about it! Too bad they didn't have Thanksgiving in Belgium, they're missing out, seriously!

Dorky Dad said...

Why were you in a discussion about cows? WHY WHY WHY???

I, unfortunately, find myself regularly in a conversation about cows.

Shankar said...

I agree with the beauty of Fall...if you live in an apartment and have a great camera. That way you can capture the colours, without the hassle of having to rake them up afterwards.

Fall in New England is the best. I've experienced it twice, and I highly recommend it.

Learning moment of the day: I believe the word you mean to use is "segue" (with the accent on the second 'e'). Segway is a mode of transportation.