Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I have documented a few of my super powers on this blog. Today I unveil yet another super strength. Wonder Woman, Slumber Woman, meet Hindsight 20/20. My powers allow me to... you ready for this? to see the past. This skill works best if my hair is wet, I'm in a hurry, sitting at a desk in a princess room, and wearing the 20/20 eye wear. As you can see, conditions were optimal for this rare photograph.

Since I haven't blogged about my reunion yet, I thought I'd tell you through the eyes of 20/20.

I see me:
Stepping into a pile of fire ants on the second day. This will result in a swollen foot with lots of white spots that will itch uncontrollably any time the hem of my pants rubs against my skin. An additional result will be me rolling up one pant leg to avoid said itching. This will cause lots of strange looks. I will not, however, be confused with particular gangs that roll one pant leg.

I see me:
Wanting to chicken out at 6:55 for the reunion that starts at 7. My sister, Shelly-Belly, will convince me to go but tell people she and I have plans at 10 - just in case I need a reason to leave. I see me staying until the venue closes at 12:30.

I see me:
Arriving at the Bar & Grill around 7:20. I will be the second one there. A friend, Aimee, will be sitting at the bar and I will join her. We will both look around to see if we know anyone and unintentionally meet eyes with another bar patron. He will think she and I want to join his friends and ask to buy us drinks. We will both decline and wonder how to ease him out of our conversation.

I see me:
Wanting to converse with the two hearing impaired guys from my class. I see me wanting to impress them with the sign language I learned in college. I see me mixing up two very similar signs: one a common adverb, the other a very offensive gesture. I see both men opening their eyes wide while mouthing "NO", "STOP".

I see me:
Having way more fun than I anticipated. I see me wanting to attend the next reunion. ...Will I? I don't know yet. I only see the past.


Craig D said...

OMG - you are the anti-Nostradamus!

ThomCarter said...

Did you give them the BIRD?!!?!

charlotta-love said...

Craig: oh I'm not anti Nostradamus at all. I'm Pro-Nos. ;o)

Thom: not the bird but equally offensive.

Craze said...

Wow, I wish I had that supernatural ability! Glad you went and had fun!

Coordination Queen said...

I'm glad you had fun. I chickened out when I got the invitation. :)

Craig D said...

OK, OK! You're the Yesterdamus!

Dorky Dad said...

What? You flipped off the hearing impaired guys? You gave them the bird?

Bone said...

Eh, I never cared for adverbs much anyway.

Good job, Hindsight Woman.

charlotta-love said...

Craze: *whispers "you might have it too!"

Coordination Queen: I chickened out about 1000 times before I finally went.

Craig: You made me laugh out loud at work. Oh shoot...

DD: I didn't flip anyone off. You don't have to take a sign language course to learn that!

Bone: Yeah, who really needs adverbs!

Shankar said...

I love parties/events that you think are going to be excruciatingly boring, but end up being tons of fun.

Rule of thumb for single guys: always volunteer to lock up after RS get all the leftover food.