Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time is Money

It's been a long time since I blogged!

Speaking of time, I needed a clock in the bathroom. I was tired of not knowing how long I had to get ready and inevitably getting to places late.* I looked online for some clocks and was surprised at how expensive most were. I didn't want something round and 'normal' but the further away from a standard clock I looked, the higher the price tag rose. I decided I would make my own clock and I figured I could do it for under $20.

I started with a picture frame I found on sale for $8. **
Clock components were $6.

My dad gave me a piece of spare plywood and even cut it to fit the middle of the frame. Free!
I wanted to paint the plywood the same color of the bathroom - key lime pie. The spare paint from the bathroom had long been used so I went and bought a pint of paint. I was completely unprepared for the going rate of paint.
I don't want to talk about this anymore.

The hands that came with the clock components were brass and little and, well, just too plain. I found some that I loved for $3.

And now I know what time it is when I'm doing my hair or putting on my makeup.

Total Price: $33.75

So I blew my budget of $20 but I also have a clock I enjoy.

Oh, and on a side note, if you need anything painted a greenish color similar to key lime pie, anything at all, I've got a whole pint of paint left.

*I'm still late but now I have a cool clock that tells me exactly how late I'll be.
** Excuse the picture quality. I'm guessing my camera was on the wrong setting. Normally my pictures aren't so grainy.


Beth said...

I am totally impressed - not only with the fact you made a clock but with your low key and funny way of telling the tale!
Sorry – no key lime paint needed. ;)

Good to hear from you!

bec said...

it looks awesome. I'm with you on a pint of paint - too much

Johnny 5 said...

So that's a nice clock for a bathroom. I have to ask though, if you are in a hurry, isn't a bit hard to tell time when you can't see the numbers, is it easy to tell the difference between 1:30 or 2:30? That's why I don't buy watches without numbers, but hey if that works for you, that's a prtty awesome clock!

Charlotta-love said...

Beth: Good to be back. Hopefully I get back in the habit of regular posts!

Bec: And you would know on the price of paint! Your toy chest looked awesome.

Johnny 5: For some reason I didn't want numbers. Besides, in the morning, I'm only concerned with the 'number' hand. I know it's after 7. Just how much after 7 is it?

Michelle Johnson said...

impressive clock. i think homemade items are always better than store bought. enjoy your clock. have a great day.

Lauren said...

way to go Kass. I'm seriously impressed. it looks great. I can't believe how creative you are even w/ a new born. You're my hero.

Melissa said...

You're amazing. Teach me, Yoda.

Jared and Katy said...

I love how you say that your still late....I totally get you on that speaking from Ms. Late herself! And what a creative little are just becoming quite the little Susie Homemaker!

Jamie said...

I love your clock! What a clever idea to hang the picture frame portrait style instead of landscape. That was awesome.

Did you get your pint of paint from Walmart? I think that's the best place for little projects. (Or, you can always buy those really little craft paints from Roberts or something. You know, for the next time you make a homemade clock!)

kelley said...

Very, very cool! How awesome that we were both working on clocks at the same time. We must be on such an even level coolness.

Coordination Queen said...

Love the clock. Next time I'd suggest buying one of the small bottles of paint from the craft section in any store... less than $2.

Shankar said...

Nice looking clock. I wouldn't have thought to have installed a clock in the bathroom, because I don't usually need too long there (I have less material to work with than the average girl). Plus I share my bathroom with six others, so one tends to get things done pretty quickly unless one is looking for trouble.

Bone said...

So it's five 'til the upper right hand corner? :)

I once knew a girl who made a clock out of a CD.

I called her Earring Girl.

One thing doesn't have anything to do with the other.

Actually, come to think of it, it wasn't even the same girl.

Charlotta-love said...

Michelle: I'm under the impression that home-made is better as well. It's just not always cheaper. :o)

Lauren: oops, wrong blog.

Melissa: I am no master young jedi.

Katy: YOU are the creative one, missy. I'm always impressed with your home-made decorations.

Jamie Jo: Wally World was NOT where I got the paint. Let's just say I'll cover the earth with my little pint.

Kelley: One word: exactly!

Queenie: good idea with the paint. I wanted to match it perfectly so I bought the original brand but I'm sure with the right amount of determination and paint mixing, I could have formed the color on my own. That would have been $5!

Shankar: 'clock for my bedroom' will have to be another project. :o)

Bone: a cd clock is smart! The hole comes pre-drilled and is in the center. Smart earring girl, er, friend.

Dean said...

I thought you needed a clock to make sure you weren't sittin' on the throne for too long.

Dean said...

PS if you ahd bought the pint from wal-mart, you couldve taken it back and said you didnt like it. Then you'd have been under budget.

michelle said...

thats awesome that u go out and do things like that and it looks really good but i still dont know the time. clocks w/o numbers are difficult for me. along with counting passed 20 and putting things in abc order w/o singing. :)

Trevor said...

I'm still not sure why you would need a clock while you were fixing hair or putting on make-up. Either of these tasks must not take you long at all, for you are the prettiest girl I know. You are beautiful in no time at all! (don't tell the other one this. I'm not flirting, but i don't want to spark any jealousy)

BTW, cool clock!

Reagan said...

SO awesome! Bravo!