Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being Smart Smarts

I have spent this past week looking for a summer job.  I finally broke down and went to a temp agency.  As part of the application process, I had to write a paragraph about my most recent experience with technology using 100 words or less.  I decided I would write about my new purchase of a smart phone even though I decided to return it as I balanced my finances.  I wrote something like this:

I recently bought a smart phone.  What makes a smart phone smart?  I was able to track expenses, email, listen to music, and flip through hundreds of photos with just the swipe of a finger.  My connection to the world literally fit in my back pocket.  The only dumb part was my timing.  I purchased the phone after my job with the University ended.  As I reviewed my finances, I realized I had to return the phone.  How has my week without my smart phone gone?  It really smarts.

I was particularly pleased with my usage of the verb 'smarts' at the end.  I felt it really tied the paragraph together.  The agent reviewed my writing sample and called me to her desk. 

"Charlotta, let's review your last sentence.  I think you meant to say 'It was really smart'."
"No.  I was actually going for a play on words.  See, the word 'smarts' actually means to sting or to hurt."
"So, it should read 'It was smart'?"
"No.  'It smarts.'  You know, 'it hurts, it stings'."
"Oh.  Do you want to change it to 'It hurts'?"
"No.  Does it not make sense that I'm making a play on words?"
"I just think you need a verb.  'It is smart'."
"Okay, let's change it."

We changed it to "Taking it back was smart."

I find it funny that I was made to feel dumb over the word smart. 

And that, my friends, really smarts. 


Shankar said...

Dumb agent. At least we appreciate your smart use of words.

the MuLLinS said...

I am so smart. S-M-R-T-- DOH! Hilarious!

Coordination Queen said...

Maybe you could replace the person at the temp agency who obviously lacks appreciation for any literary genius... :)

Alice said...

I prefer your ending:)

DCLing said...

Wait. Don't you mean it hurts?

Melissa said...

Ugh! This just bugs!

Charlotta-love said...

Shankar: I did my best not to give her an "are you that dumb" look. Although, I still don't have a job. Maybe I wasn't as inconspicuous as I thought...

Mullins: You ARRRR Smrt!

CQ: Seriously. I wish. Although, in her defense, most of the people she deals with aren't that smart. She probably didn't know how to respond.

Alice: thanks. I'm glad you appreciated my writing.

DCLing: No, no, no. I'm hitting my head against the wall here.

Melissa: Bugs. ha, maybe I should have used THAT term. Sigh.

Sarah said...

That's depressing. You should have said something like "the fact that you have a job and I don't really smarts." She would have thought you were an idiot and you would have known she had it the wrong way around...

I hope something comes up soon!

Vladimir said...

So I started blogging again, after a four year break. Do you have any plans of picking it up again? :-)

Beth said...

Merry Christmas to you, too - and thanks for staying in touch.
Miss you and your wonderful posts. Hope all is well in your world!

(wonder if you'll get this message?)