Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Religious Confusion

A friend emailed me and told me to go to Tickle.com and take the religion test if I had a spare minute at work. I went to the website and this is what it says:

Ever wonder if you're practicing the right religion for your beliefs, or if there's a faith out there that's really right for you? It's possible you might be compatible with more than one religion; in fact, it's possible that you're more compatible with religions other than the one you believe in. Want to know which religion you're most compatible with based on your belief system? Take the test now!

So, I took the test. It’s actually pretty long; 11 pages of questions to help me determine what religion suits me best. Now, I am a devout Mormon so I consider myself Christian but wanted to see what Tickle.com suggested. After 15 minutes of multiple-choice questions, I finally finished. I hit the "submit" button only to find out...

NOTICE: This site has been blocked due to its content by AugustaIT at the request of RWA management.

Turns out my results were so eclectically controversial the server tagged them inappropriate for viewing. I feel so lost. I'm gonna stick to being Mormon.


Shankar said...
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Shankar said...

Perhaps you mean ecclesiastically controversial (though, considering how many different topics are on this blog, eclectic may yet be the mot juste ).

Isn't it wonderful how much trust we put into internet tests? I took some kind of compatibility test on Facebook to get my "soul mate" a while back. To my amusement/disgust, the top ten included four married female friends of mine. FOUR! And the closest of my married female friends didn't even make the cut. Needless to say I uninstalled that particular application soon afterwards.