Thursday, December 14, 2006

Innocent Wisdom

My brother Christian is at the age (8) where he questions Santa Clause. Last night he told me he no longer believed in Santa. I raised my eyebrows and exclaimed, “You don’t? I do! He brings me gifts every year. How could he not be real?!” Christian told me it was the parents that give the gifts. I asked, “So one day I will be Santa?” Since he isn’t positive, he answered, “I think so and I have a way to find out.” Now I was curious so I let him explain. “When I am older and have a baby and it is Christmas time, I will put out a stocking for my baby. If there are no presents on Christmas morning, then I’ll know that I am supposed to be Santa.”

What tipped you off when you were younger?


Anonymous said...

that was so funny. I shared that life changing event on my blog for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he is very smart. He knows how it works.

Anonymous said...

That just cracks me up! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS EIGHT!!! Holy cow!