Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rewind Button

One of my coworkers just moved with her husband to Florida. Her daughter had 5 fish that were not able to go. I offered to take the fish and add them to my tank. Her daughter was happy to know her fish had a new home and I brought the fish to the house on Monday. The fish tank I currently have in my room takes up half my desk. I knew another tank was out of the question. I mentioned a few ideas to Little Boy Blue.

"Little Boy, we can either combine these new fish with those in my large tank or put the small tank in your room. Which would you like?"
"I want the new fish in my room."

Done. We set up the tank and he has been great at taking care of his five new pets. Tuesday morning he came to my room and explained what each fish was doing. One was near the castle, another just swimming, one was behind a rock, and two were busy chasing each other. He was thrilled.

We went downstairs for breakfast. As I sat to eat my cereal, Little Boy Blue contemplated, then spoke. "I like my new fish... but, now I want a puppy."

He looked at me with puppy eyes.

Oh dear. I think I started something.

I don't want to be the bad guy that says no to a puppy!

Does life have a rewind button?


Beth said...

Beware of children with "puppy eyes" and requests for more and more pets! You could end up with a mini-zoo. (I did.)

Charles said...

Just tell him he would have to feed the fish to the puppy, because he can't have both. When he says okay, tell him he can't have a dog that will be bigger than the fish tank and teach him all the horrible things about little yippy dogs.

Johnny Cherie said...

It's a good thing that you don't have to buy the puppy. ... I have a feeling we might have a dog if you were Mama Mia.

Dorky Dad said...

If life had a rewind button I'd be pushing it constantly, then my life tape would go fuzzy.

Craze said...

Nope, no rewind, delete, fast forward or pause button. I know for I've searched for them myself. Tell little boy blue to keep his fish alive for a year and you will be open to discuss the puppy idea then.