Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weighty Issues

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that we set aside a day to truly reflect on our blessings...while eating a delicious meal.
Gratitude and food - can't go wrong with those two ingredients!
This year I was lucky enough to spend my holiday with a former roommate who now lives in New York. I spent my week in Manhattan visiting all the tourist spots. In addition to a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, I tried lots of pastries from various bakeries.
Lots of pastries.
I really like New York pastries.
Perhaps a little too much.
On Friday, I visited the Museum of Natural History. One floor had scales that calibrated a person's weight as if they were on galactic stars or planets. On Halley's Comet I don't even weigh a pound.
0.193?! Bring me a black and white cookie! I need to eat, eat, eat!
0.043??? I'm losing, not gaining! MORE FOOD! Give me a Chinese cookie!
Extra chocolate in the middle!
58 pounds - okay, that's a little better. I still need sugar though.
Bring me a tri-colored bar.
3626?! GACK! Too much, too much! Suddenly I need to undo my belt.
2.13?! I'm back to wasting away...
hey, wait a second...
I just fainted. All 2.13 trillion pounds of me just hit the floor.
Excuse me while I go cry.
And start a diet.
Is there such a thing as a pastry diet? I really think I'd be successful at that one.


Shankar said...

The US national debt is about 2.3 trillion dollars. Let's see if you can lose your excess weight quicker than the US can pay off its debt.

PS: I'm assuming you managed for batteries after your false start.

Rhett said...

A former roommate named Jen?

Bailey said...

My heart just skipped a beat for Magnolia's!

Saule Cogneur said...

Motivation is all about perspective. I've been saying that for years.

Saule Cogneur said...

P.S. Suck it, Bulldogs. :P

Lisa Johnson said...

Your posts are always so CLEVER! You crack me up. I hope you post more pics of your fabulous trip to NY!!! :D

Patience said...

I wanna go to . . . Mars!

Celine + Cameron said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to New York :) I love NYC! I'm with you about all the pastries... yum! Love the black and white coookies!!

Coordination Queen said...

I think the pastry diet is about as effective as the bread diet I'm on.

Above Average Joe said...

I knew pastries & cookies were heavy but...

Lisa Johnson said...

By the way, I just wanted to say thank you so much for that email you sent a few weeks ago about how you shared something from my blog with a friend of yours about the temple. That totally lifted my spirits and made me happy to know that something I said was able to help someone else! :D