Friday, November 24, 2006

As Not Seen On TV

A coworker and I somehow ended up on a discussion about television today. I mentioned that we don’t have cable at my house. Add this to the fact that we live in the dip of a valley so all we really get on our TV is live coverage of snowstorms. He paused and asked, “How do you know what’s going on with CSI?” Seeing how he actually was concerned about this, I explained that I have friends that will explain an entire episode in 5 minutes. Then he wanted to know how I knew what was going on in the news. I told him that newspapers still exist and my homepage is set to CNN. I am kept abreast. Then he asked, “Well, what about the ‘As Seen On TV’ items?”

I had to laugh. That stuff is all junk. And in the off chance that I actually do lose my mind long enough to buy a pen that writes upside down in space, how often will I really need that? Perhaps one day I will be captured by some evil terrorists who hang their victims by the ankles. I am allowed one last letter from prison…

I’m sure gonna wish I had that pen.


bec said...

We don't have a TV either and everyone seems to think we're crazy. We've picked up chess, it's a great game.

Shankar said...

You could just use a pencil...not that I'm wanting you to be hanging upside down while being held prisoner by terrorists.