Monday, November 13, 2006

Dream On

So I’m sitting at a table with two other individuals being taught the reproductive cycle of a penguin by none other than Penélope Cruz. This is not odd to me at all because it’s a dream. I learned that a penguin lays eggs on floating iceberg chunks and then returns to land. If the eggs don’t roll off, become food, or freeze due to harsh conditions and actually hatch, the cycle continues.

Then I woke up. There was one thing I couldn’t figure out. If the female leaves land, lays eggs on a floating piece of ice out in the ocean, how do the chicks find home? Floating GPS? I don’t get it.

It never occurred to me to wonder why Penélope Cruz was the teacher. That made total sense.

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Shankar said...

So you're another one with weird associations in your dreams. I'm still wondering why I was holidaying on the beach with Steve and his family and Bryan and his family while watching whales migrating.