Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Deer in Georgia are scared of Cows

…at least my imitation of them anyway. I usually go for a bike ride on Saturdays. It allows me to just think and unwind while providing a nice workout to boot. My parent’s home is located on the edge of a forest so it is not uncommon for deer to wander through yards. Many times I have come home late in the evening and seen as many as five deer just meandering in the street.

So this past Saturday I rode about three miles from home to get to a bike trail. After biking nearly an hour, I started to head back home. I was zooming down a large hill when I saw a deer in the middle of the road. I started braking but realized I was going to hit the deer if it didn’t move. I’ll admit…I was a little scared. What if this deer was going through some sort of forest sorority hazing and in order to pledge, she had to charge a biker. I might just be the first person to hit a deer…while riding a 32 speed! I did the first thing I thought of.

I moo’ed. Like a cow!

I could try and convince you that I really was saying “MOOOOOOVE!” but I know the truth. And it worked. The deer looked at me and ran. But then again, who wouldn’t run from a girl on a bike mooing!? The best part was relaying the story to my family once I got back home. They just looked at me like I was crazy; and in a sense, I guess I am. :o)


bec said...

you're right, I would definitely run from a girl on a bike mooing at me too. I hope you are still using your old school bike I remember. That was a classic.

charlottalove said...

The wicked witch from the west bike...lol no, this one is even scarier - an exboyfriend's bike.

Shankar said...

This is another audible expression of mirth. How did you swing a deal to keep an exes' bike? It must be a nice one: I got rid of almost everything from my exes except the really nice or really useful stuff (or both, as in the case of San Antonio Spurs' leather jacket).