Thursday, January 11, 2007

My "distinguished" strand

I found a gray hair today while I was blow drying my hair. I pulled it out obviously but why do I have a gray hair?! What am I stressed about?
* I don’t have a husband or children,
* I’ve never been to war and,
* I am not related to Britney Spears.

According to my friend "google", if I am stressed, I should be experiencing:
Headaches (well, my head does feel like it weighs 10 lbs)
Sleep disturbances (especially when my alarm clock goes off in the morning)
Irregular heartbeat (Is this when a cute boy walks by or all the time?)
Weight gain or loss (Before or after this past holiday season?)
Hair loss (especially if I continuing pulling out each gray hair)
and sweatiness (can someone hand me a towel…and a new shirt?).

…whoa, just reading that list is stressful. Perhaps I should check for more gray hair!


I'm Chrissy! said...

Um, you know my mom, right? Well, see, she pulled out her gray hairs and well, when you pull one gray hair, two grow in its place. SO, stop it.

bec said...

I think gray hair looks great! Just go with it and dye all your hair gray.

Kelly said...

I started pulling out gray hairs when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. Consider yourself VERY LUCKY!!!!

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...


Do you still love Horchata? I haven't had one in probably 2 years or more. Well, as for the gray hairs or hair rather... I would just pretend its blonde. That is what my grandma did. She claimed she had zero gray hairs until she turned 80, then when I mentioned her "blonde hair" she said, "What? no, I have gray hair. What 80 year old doesn't have gray hair?" Also, to answer your question we are supposed to be in Atlanta for 2 hours if we arrive on time. So... since I have never flown to Atlanta, I don't know if the reputation is to arrive on-time.. but I will let you know when may approaches.

Shankar said...

As my idol Cary Grant said in "Operation Petticoat": Oh, I like having grey hairs. That way I can worry without it showing.