Monday, January 29, 2007

Charlotte:_______ :: Office:Car

My coworker, Jordan, and I got into a discussion about cars this morning. Not just any car…our office “car”. If everyone in the office was a functioning part of a stick shift car, this is what we would be.

* Jordan, our temp and go-to man, would not only be the windshield since he gets all the crap, but also the floor mat since he always gets stepped on.
* I would be the shocks since I keep the office stable and the gas pedal because I make things happen in the office. However, when the office isn’t busy, I’m more like tinted windows. Nice to have but not really necessary.
* Michele, the office manager, is the car’s governor. She tells us what we can do but there are always limits we aren’t aware of. Also, she likes to sing which makes her the radio; always saying something but not necessarily anything important.
* Tommy, the office head, has the loudest cell phone so of course he would be the horn.
* Tommy also would be, along with Chris and Mark, the project managers, component parts of the engine. Without them, we really wouldn’t go anywhere.
* Jim, my 79 year old boss, would be the brakes. Although he’s crucial to the company, he does tend to slow us down.
* Ray, the marketing director, is like gas. He’s the one who gets things started but he’s always running out of energy.
* Claudia, another temp, would be the automatic windows and locks. Not necessary but sure makes things easier.
* Subcontractors – Tires because they are always so over inflated and full of hot air.

So...what part of the car would YOU be in your office/home/relationship/etc?

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Shankar said...

This is one of your best ones. I'm surprised there are no other comments.