Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Smelly Shelly

Tomorrow my little sister Shelly turns 20!

I remember when she was just a baby. Isn't she cute! She was born with one dimple in her left cheek. I was so jealous. I tried, unsuccessfully, to produce my own dimple. I would bite the inside of my cheek hoping to indent the skin. I got a canker sore but never a dimple.

Shelly loves animals. When she was younger, she aspired to be a veterinarian but has since changed to dental hygiene - a different type of animal.

She always has been beautiful...even on tacky day. HEY!!! Those are my glasses. And isn't that an old plaid shirt of mine too? What are you implying Shelly? Hmmm...

Some of my favorite memories with Shelly include working out at the gym (it's humbling how much she can bench compared to me), late night slumber parties when she and I shared a room with Julia-Gulia, and dancing in the den with Christmas music blaring.

Smelly Shelly-Belly, you are one of my heroes. I love you. Happy Birthday!


Dean said...

You can get a dimple if you want. They just do a surgery where they make one of the muscles in your cheek shorter.

michelle said...

ahhhh..charlotte! that was really sweet

Burg said...

She was an adorable baby..

I'm not close to any of my sisters.. Of course, one is handicapped, one is only thirteen, and the other two are technically step-sisters that I hardly know. I'm the oldest of eight, but technically an only child.

Kelly said...

What a gorgeous girl!!! I CANNOT believe she's going to be 20!!!

Dorky Dad said...

I made my dimple by repeatedly poking myself in the cheek with a pencil. Sure I got lead poisoning, but I got one heck of a dimple.