Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter Wonderland

As I listened to Winter Wonderland on the radio recently, I realized life has changed. Sleigh bells don't ring - there are no sleighs. Walking through a winter wonderland? Not in Georgia! Want to build a snowman? Where's the snow? Last year I adapted my favorite Christmas carol - Silver Bells. This year, I present a "Georgia Winter Wonderland".

Cell phones ring, won't you answer?
Car pool lanes, they're driving faster.
A beautiful sight,
The mall's lit up bright,
Walking through the Georgia Square Mall.

Gone away is the phone booth.
Here to stay is the blue tooth.
It clings to your ear,
And we can all hear,
The details of your life; what's going on.

In the mall we all can charge up more debt.
And hope we get a raise to pay it off.
We'll say, "Next year I'll go on a diet.
But ring up this dessert, I gotta try it."

Later on, as I'm buying,
A bunch of 'stuff', I'll keep trying,
To not overspend,
Or leave out a friend,
And wish I didn't know so many folks.

In the parking lot, "Now where's my car?"
"Did I park it here or over there?"
I'll have lots of fun just walking blindly.
I hope I don't pull out all of my hair.

When I'm home, oh it's thrilling,
Presents wrapping, stockings filling.
And hoping I'm done,
'Cause it's not much fun,
Walking through the Georgia Square Mall.

Walking through the Georgia Square Mall...


RED MOJO said...

Very creative, I even sang your new lyrics to the tune! I especially like the "phone booth-blue tooth" line. This Christmas spirit is so contageous! HOHOHO

Lisa Johnson said...

YOU ARE SO STINKING CREATIVE!!! You need to submit that to a radio station or something! :)

ThomCarter said...

You either need a hobby or a boyfriend.

Craze said...


Coordination Queen said...

That is impressive. Although I'd much rather have pretty snow than ugly brown grass.

Beth said...

What talent! What humor.
You've got me smiling and appreciating the fact I do live in a Winter Wonderland.

charlotta-love said...

mojo: HOHOHO right back!
Lisa: I've got Weird Al on speed dial.
Thom: what if my hobby is rewriting Christmas songs?
Craze: thanks!
Queen: I miss the snow too!
Beth: you are lucky. We don't have the faintest hint of snow (or rain)

Bone said...

LOL Not much fun?? I love Christmas shopping.

Weird Al's people will be contacting your people shortly. I am sure of it.

Celine & Cameron said...

That was awesome! Not so much of a Winter Wonderland here in California either, but lots of crowded malls :)

Melissa said...

I think you have a hit on your hands!

Beth said...

Hope you don't mind (and might enjoy doing it) - I tagged you on my blog.

charlotta-love said...

Bone: you want to do my shopping for me? please?
Celine: Yesterday it was 75 here. 80 is the high for today!
Melissa: You provide the backup dancing elfs and we are set to tour.
Beth: Bring it on. :o)

Shankar said...

I'm no master song-writer, but I think you're missing a syllable in the chorus. Other than that, fabulous.