Friday, December 14, 2007

Drugs: Just Say Green

A friend of mine just had knee surgery. He's been very nervous about the whole ordeal. I’ve tried to be a supporting friend but considering I can only maintain a serious perspective for about, oh, 2 minutes 37 seconds, I’m not sure how helpful I’ve been.

Him: Charlotte, I feel sick to my stomach.
The ever-compassionate, supportive friend: Are you getting sick?
Him: No. I just worry about all that could go wrong. What if the nurse gives me too much anesthesia and I don’t wake up?
Me: If that happens, can I have your cell phone? And your truck?

He called last night to report the surgery. Although this means no new phone or vehicle, I really enjoyed the call. The following conversation is brought to you by the letters Rx, prescription drugs, and the color green.

Me: Hey there! How are you feeling?
Stoned Guy: im alri butin pain.
Me: You are in pain?
Stoner: Mmhuh.
Me: Did they give you any pain medication?
Stoner: yea..ijus tookid.
Me: (smiling) Well, you sound tired. You want me to let you go?
Stoner: NO! Juss talk.
Me: About what?
Stoner: Gree...
Me: Green? The color green?
Stoner: Mmhuh.
Me: (laughing) Okay…

I'm really looking forward to the day he is completely coherent. I'll repeat all the random quotes and tease a bit. I just have to remember, it's all fun and games until I undergo surgery (if needed one day). Then I'll have a taste of my own medicine. I just hope it's Cherry Flavored.


Craze said...

Lol!! My sister was on a lot of pain medication in April have her car accident. She kept asking us if we saw the pig on the wall!

Burg said...

Get a video camera.. They'll laugh later. Or they might hate you.. Either way it'll be great fun.

Beth said...

Hey, it's not what you say, it's the fact that you said it - you were there for him.
But too bad he wasn't in any shape to appreciate your humor!

Diesel said...

Aw man, I was just looking for someone to talk to about green the other day.

Brett said...

I think 2 min 37 sec is exaggerating.

Em said...

Sounds like the ideal kind of support...cause you are bringing fun to a non-fun event.

RED MOJO said...

That's so spooky, I love pain medication too!

Sarah said...

I took some muscle relaxers/pain medication once and the only thing I could talk about was how loud the clock on the wall was ticking. Except I don't think there was a ticking clock in the room.

bec said...

when I came out of foot surgery a few years ago my dad told me later the funny things I said and don't remember. At first I didn't believe him, but then he told me I told him about the boy I liked and could even tell me his name. I couldn't believe how much I told him!

Michelle Johnson said...

What a fun post. I'm glad you were there for your friend.

When my daughter was around 7 years old she had to have tubes placed in her ears. During that time they gave her some medication to ready her for the operation. Just before she went into the operating room she curled her finger towards herself asking me to lean closer so she could tell me something. She had such a serious look on her face when she said into my ear, "Quack, quack, quack."

Have a nice day.

Shankar said...

I think it would be a great idea to give the candidates pain medication a couple of hours before a debate. They then may actually talk more sense.
(This is the post that made me write to you.)