Monday, April 28, 2008

My Cuban Blog Friend

I get a fairly standard response when I tell certain friends that I blog.

"Why do you blog? You don't even get to know who reads your blog."
"I know a little about them. I read who they are on their blog."
"Still sounds silly. Blogging doesn't provide any type of personal interaction."

Well guess what doubting friends...I met someone. That right. All due to this blog.

Remember the hula hoop in the tree? Well, while I was documenting that picture, I noticed several beautiful flowers next to a mailbox. The purple-pink buds were small and simple yet lovely. I took a few shots...but I wanted even closer. I looked around, saw I was alone, and knelt down to zoom in.

That's when the car backed out of the driveway.
She saw me kneeling at her mailbox and rolled down the window. "What are you doing?"
"I'm out taking pictures of spring flowers and I love these next to your mailbox."
"Oh! Those are wonderful!"

Nancy introduced herself and her daughter in the back seat. We talked for several minutes. Nancy was headed out to run some errands but would be back soon. She invited me to stay and take pictures of her backyard. During this time, a small, hunched woman shuffled to join the conversation. Olga was Nancy's mother.

I was over there for nearly two hours. Olga told me story after story. She told me about her childhood in Cuba; how she immigrated to America to earn money to send to her family; how she met her husband; the struggles of the depression; why she never returned to Cuba. I learned Nancy had other siblings - one of which lived next door in the house with the hula hoop tree. I was given a tour of the backyard and invited to come back when more flowers would bloom. Olga even offered to teach me Spanish. What a wonderful old woman.

Olga and I said goodbye and I promised to return. On my walk back home, I realized I'd met a woman full of stories and experiences simply because I wanted a picture for a blog post.

And people say blogging doesn't provide personal interaction. Ha!


Shankar said...

Did you take her up on her offer, Miss National Honor Society in Spanish?

Beth said...

Wonderful story!
To those who don't blog, it's just about impossible to explain the benefits. To those of us who do, it's obvious. Not only have I met bloggers in "real life," I treasure the friendships made simply by the reading of posts and the exchange of comments. (And emails!)

Christy said...

Yay for personal interaction! Looks like the flowers were hyacinths--they smell wonderful!

Scott said...

Blogging does provide for personal interaction. It might even help you find someone to crush on.

Em said...

What a cool experience! And the photo is beautiful

Melissa said...

Such a cool story...

Dorky Dad said...

Oh yeah, blogging brings lots of personal reaction, though for me it usually involves rotten eggs and my house.

Seriously, though, that is a neat little story!

RED MOJO said...

I think that's really nice, and I love my bloggy friends. Non-bloggers can just suck-it! And I mean that in the kindest possble way.

Travis Butterfield said...

ah, Charlotte. It's been a while since I visited your blog - and I am greeted with this lovely post. It's like a breath of fresh air. You are remarkable.

Craze said...

Blog fodder is full of personal interaction. I love chance encounters like that where you meet some truly amazing people.

Lisa Johnson said...

That's such a cool chance encounter. One of the senior couples on my mission always said there's no such thing as a chance encounter, it's really a sacred rendezvous from the pre-existence. :)