Monday, April 14, 2008

A Hallmark Moment

The question foremost on my mind since being accepted to UGA concerns the cost and how I'll be able to pay. I applied, albeit late, for an assistantship but all the positions are filled. While I wait to apply again, I've found several sites that list scholarship opportunities for graduate students. One in particular caught my attention. Applicants submit greeting messages or pictures for an online card company. The winner(s) will receive school funding and their idea becomes a virtual reality.

A few years ago, my bestest friend Elke went to the doctor for some pain in her wrists. The doctor said she was suffering from carpal tunnel. Since we live a few states away, I couldn't physically help her with tasks around the house but I tried to show sympathy with a card. In case you were wondering, there's not much of a market catered to carpal tunnel. I had to make my own.
What do you say? Should I give this company a call? Really, who can say no to talent like that?!


Scott said...

Awful. Just Awful.

RED MOJO said...

What a mind!

Craze said...

I'm thinking you have a career here!

Shankar said...

Pure Genius. Let me know when the series is available so that I can take care of my Christmas card needs.

Beth said...

I'd declare you a winner for that one. Such creativity! Such talented artwork! (I'm not kidding - it's good and it makes me laugh.)
Bet you can come up with many more.
(Best of luck on the funding.)

Travis Butterfield said...

car pull tunnel. that's awesome. I love puns. they're the best.

have you ever watched The Marx Brothers' movies? I think you'd really like them. Groucho Marx, especially, makes some pretty great punning jokes.

Melissa said...

Ha! That's hilarious! I'd buy one.

The Wallaces said...

so cute!!! Guess what I found you!

Above Average Joe said...

Except the car doesnt know if its coming or going.

charlotta-love said...

Scott: Yes, I've heard carpal tunnel is awful. Just awful.

Mojo: Thanks. If only someone will pay me for my ideas...

Craze: I think I'll drop out of school.

Shankar: The Christmas series will be out right before Halloween - when the other Christmas products creep out.

Beth: Glad it made you laugh. That's the intent.

Travis: I will have to check out some of the Marx classics.

Melissa: Let me know your ailment and I'll send you a card.

Wallace's: I'm hoping you ran into a long lost relative of mine who wants to help assist my college. Yes?

Joe: :o) Hopefully the car is going away, just like the pain.