Monday, May 19, 2008

I Am Thankful

I am thankful for no social life.
It means school occupies four nights out of every week and I'm closer to my goal of becoming a teacher.

I am thankful for my final coming up in three weeks.
It means I will be done with school in three weeks.

I am thankful for sore muscles.
It means I got to work out.

I am thankful for dirty dishes.
It means I have enough food to eat.

I am thankful for piles of laundry to fold.
It means I have clothes to wear and a washing machine nearby.

I am thankful for car repairs.
It means I am able to travel to school, work, and home. It's not the fanciest car on the block but that means thieves know I'm not hiding any money within.

I am thankful for my stress fracture.
It means I take life a little slower. I get to stop and smell the roses.

I am thankful for Friday evening.
It means the weekend is just around the corner.

Is it Monday already?! sigh...

I am grateful for Monday.
It means Friday is only 4 days away.


RED MOJO said...

That's certainly a good attitude. I am grateful for your post!

Craze said...

That's a great way to look at things!

Meghan said...

I love that post! Thanks Charlotte!

Melissa said...

You are such an optimist! I love it.

Beth said...

You're a glass half full kind of person. Great way to be.
(As I type, Monday is almost over. Hang in there.)

Robbie said...

very insightful! yet another component of your awesomeness. hehe you should come watch us play saturday, it would be cool to have you there.

Dorky Dad said...

And I'm thankful for your positive attitude. Gives me something to aspire to.

creative-type dad said...

What a great outlook you have...!