Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wake-Up Call

I am tired!

Going to school part time while working full time has started to take a toll on my body. I won't complain though. There are others with far more demanding schedules than mine that still manage to balance school and life. But boy, I am tired!

Yesterday morning was a daze. I answered phones and gave information but my mind was too tired to concentrate. Menial tasks I typically finish quickly took additional time and effort to complete. I was struggling. Noon finally arrived. Since someone has to man the phones, or in my case woman the phones, while the guys are at lunch, I stay in the office until they return at 1. The phone rang around 12:15. Groggily I answered:

Good Afternoon. This is Charlotte.
Hi Charlotte. This is ___ calling for Mark.
He's at lunch right now. Could I help you?
Perhaps. I wanted to send a construction quote for the project you have open right now.
No problem. Let me get your full name and company information.

He provided the company information.

Sir, what was your name again?
Oh right. What were we talking about? You making me dinner?
Not until I know your name.
Right. It's ___.
Thanks. I'll let Mark know you called when he returns from lunch.
Well I'm going to call back anyway. ...that means I'll get to talk to you again.

Riiiight. In a way, he was exactly what I needed. His comments jolted me awake. I didn't have time to think about being tired for the remainder of the afternoon. Thank you stranger for calling. My employer appreciated the results.

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Craze said...

Funny how a little something like that from a stranger can "wake" you up!

Beth said...

Definitely a wake-up call. What fun! He was flirting.
Stay alert for his call back. (Perhaps he won't stay a stranger.)

Shankar said...

Maybe we should stick another gecko in your desk drawer.

Robbie said...

giving out random information and not remebering a thing.....that sounds like me at work. if you think early in the morning is hard try doin it during the graveyard shift. when 7 oclock rolls around i dont even know what i have done all night. hehe

Coordination Queen said...

oh man. i have moments during the day when i just sit still and start to fall asleep. at least i don't have to answer the phone if i don't want to. :)

Jared and Katy said...