Friday, June 6, 2008

Chew On This

This is my current favorite flavor of gum. I am a gum addict. I typically have a least one pack at work, in my purse, at home, and in my car. I really like gum. This particular flavor has a new marketing approach. Inside each pack is printed: What do you plan to do before you finish that piece of stride? Let us know!

A website is given and anyone can submit their idea. The gum is arranged in the package so when a piece is removed, five suggestions from the website are printed. In the past two weeks I've purchased, well, several packs of gum and I haven't seen the same list twice.

A sampling of submissions includes:
Find Nessle
Be a rodeo clown
Become a certified jump master
Coin a phrase
Live with the wild llamas of Peru
Discover an element to add to the periodic table
Get into a break dance battle
Live in a tee-pee
Learn to luge
Teach belly dancing at a retirement community
Create a zip line across the state of New Hampshire
Create a life size replica of a yacht using toothpicks
Get a class D driver's license
Walk the Appalachian trail blindfolded
Watch the world's longest movie

These are all items someone wants to accomplish while chewing a piece of Stride gum.

Let's do some math. On average, I can chew one piece of gum for two hours before my jaw hurts, the flavor disappears, or I decide I want a snack. I googled 'world's longest movie' and was directed to The Longest List of the Longest Stuff at the Longest Domain Name at Long

Longest Movie:
Movie Title: None
Director: Buracz Bosnitz
Country: Czech Republic
Length: 908 hours

I would need 454 pieces of gum.

"Hi. I need one ticket for the 9:15 showing of None. And can I get a box of Milkduds, a small drink, and 33 packs of Stride please."

I think I would need the world's longest nap after the credits rolled!


Amber said...

Okay, that movie lasts almost 38 days....that's over five weeks long! I think they must have just kept the camera rolling until they ran out of money to buy new film, and then they forgot to edit before released it....?

Melissa said...

Here are some other things you could do instead of watch that movie: establish world peace, climb Machu Pichu, visit me, become an acrobat and expert tightrope walker. Man...the possibilities are endless! Oh, and congrats on the new husband. I look forward to your many children.

Charlotta-love said...

Amber: the site said it was the producer's personal agenda or something. I think he thought highly of himself!

Melissa: see, this is how rumors get started! me? married? lol. And I do want to come visit you!

Beth said...

I think your jaw would give out (some kind of permanent damage) before that movie ended.
(That list is humbling - and a bit crazy...)

Sincerity said...

That's crazy! A long movie! No kidding! Cool lists though! I might check out Stride Gum just to get a better look at those! Thanks for sharing! :)

RED MOJO said...

I actually chewed a pack of the stuff and never read any of it. You might be a tad more observant than I am.

I'd like to rebuild New Orleans, instead of watching that movie.

Coordination Queen said...

I get about 2 chews in before my jaw starts popping. I'd need to think of something that I could accomplish in 10 seconds or less... any ideas? :)

Jared and Katy said...

WOW! I wonder how many DVD's that movie would take?

Shankar said...

I'd like to watch the Director's Cut.

So, how good is their base? As good as Trident's? If so, then I could get 5-6 hours out of a piece which opens up the possibilities.