Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hit Me

Have a card. Have two or three cards. In fact, have as many cards as you like. I have 500.

Business cards that is.

Each and every last one with my name and email spelled incorrectly.

I've worked for this construction agency nearly three years so when I learned I would finally receive business cards, I was giddy. I was on the phone with corporate a week later verifying my name and company information. All was correct.

The cards came while I was away at camp and I was excited to receive them on Monday. A coworker and I were discussing feedback on a recent situation when I realized all 500 cards were worthless. I bit my lip and stopped my comment mid sentence.

I've had more trouble with my last name. My passport came back twice with my last name misspelled, clients will call 2 and sometimes 3 times to say their emails to me - which includes my last name - bounce back, and now 500 business cards.

If only I could find a guy with the same wrong last name. I could marry into my business card.

What's in a name? Obviously not the right letters.


Craze said...

That is just crazy!

RED MOJO said...

But your last name is love, who could screw that up? LOL

Beth said...

What a disappointment. I hope you can get more. I'm sure you made it clear how your name was spelled, so it's the card company's fault.
Just about every official document I own has my first name spelled incorrectly. Nobody even notices - since everyone thinks it should be spelled like that anyway.

Amber said...

At least you got a funny blog post out of your misfortune.....

About the JELL-O ball....I used a bouncy ball (found in the high bins at wal-mart) for my mold. I poured in very concentrated gelatin, supported the sides with a roundish bowl, and let it set. Then I peeled off the ball, and wha-la!, a giant JELL-O Ball.

Shankar said...

A-ha! Now I get it. I just read 'em in the wrong order.

As for your last name, maybe if you play your cards right, you'll be ok.

Lucy said...

the way I look at things lately Charlotte... If it gives us something to blog about it's not too bad!
haha.. can u tell Ive been in a slump?!
Are U able to get a refund??
Good Luck!

anthonynorth said...

Once the 'system' records you wrongly, you may as well change your name.

Charles said...

At least people can say your name right the first time. There are people that know me well and still can't say it right. I generally introduce myself by first name only, they ask my last and then usually say, "Yeah, I probably won't remember that."