Monday, June 9, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Saturday was a series of events.

Fortunately I saved fuel by biking to the grocery store.
Unfortunately I didn't bring enough water and suffered from dehydration all afternoon and evening.

Fortunately I carpooled with three friends to Atlanta. We had an enjoyable afternoon.
Unfortunately the car radiator cracked 15 minutes after we started our drive home to Athens.

Fortunately the split was near the surface and the driver had a tire repair kit in the trunk. The super glue, rubber strip, and duct tape seal held together for the remaining 2 hour drive.
Unfortunately we had to drive with the heater on high the entire ride to help cool the engine.

Fortunately I don't mind having the windows down.
Unfortunately we wouldn't arrive home till after midnight.

Fortunately my car was still at Lowes where I had parked it for the day.
Unfortunately Lowe's locks their parking lots when they close.

Fortunately my car radiator was fine.
Unfortunately my car was locked for the evening.

Fortunately Lowe's is open on Sunday.

What a weekend...fortunately it's over!


Craze said...

Dang, that was quite a series of fortunate and unfortunate events!

RED MOJO said...

If life was easy, everybody'd be doing it!

Beth said...

Perhaps only in hindsight can (some) of your recent adventures be seen in a positive light!
Great way to look at life.

Ldybug said...

Sorry for all of your hardships! By the way who's car was it? and I am going to guess Brandon fixed it? Hope today went better!

Coordination Queen said...

Adventures are always fun!

Em said... made it through all of that and no one in the car and no one at Lowe's was injured. LOL

Above Average Joe said...

Theme for the evening: It can always be worse.

Shankar said...

No one ever said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it. ;-)

Dorky Dad said...

Lowes LOCKS its parking lot? It locks its parking lot? Really? What are you gonna do, steal a ... cement parking thingy?

It's gotta be Atlanta. I've never even heard of that.

Congrats to your friend on fixing that radiator, however.

Bone said...


Fortunately, it gave you something to blog about.

Unfortunately... well I can't think of an unfortunately. Ooo, no wait, I got it. I was thru Atlanta Monday. Unfortunately, you missed me.

Paul and Sarah said...

Thanks for letting me know that Lowe's locks their parking lot at night. That's crazy! Definitely a good thing to know for the future. Hope your week is going better than your weekend!