Friday, June 13, 2008

Expensive Taste

To celebrate the end of my second quarter in school, my friend ‘Mellow Yellow’ and I decided to bike a trail in Athens. After completing the trail, we secured our bikes to the back of Mellow’s car and drove downtown for a bite to eat. At my suggestion we parked the car at the local newspaper lot and walked a block for sushi.

I’m sure we were a sight to see. Two hours on a mountain bike in the Georgia heat left us both glistening. I’d brought a shirt to throw over my tank and swapped my helmet for a baseball cap but it was obvious we’d been outside awhile. We ordered, again at my suggestion, a particular sushi roll with eel. Our plate came. The roll was so delicious that Mellow flagged the waitress and asked that an additional eel roll be added to our order.

We finished and headed back to the car. I’d been hesitant to leave the bikes. Although they were securely fastened to the car, neither of us had brought a lock. Any passerby could have easily loosened the straps. As we neared the lot, I didn't see the bikes.

Or the car.

We’d been towed. I don’t know the words to adequately describe the pit that formed in my stomach. Guilt mixed with anger; the realization of the monetary consequences dominated my attempt to apologize. Mellow, who remained completely reasonable throughout the entire ordeal, simply called the tow company to ask about the car. We walked the several blocks to the tow yard which allowed me time to calm down.

Mellow was just that - mellow. By calmly talking with the tow yard attendant, the bill was reduced $25. I tried to sweet talk another $25 discount but was met with a curt “no”. $120 later, we were on our way with bikes in tow... no pun intended.

Life has a way of giving the test first and then the lesson. This is what I now know:
Listen to me when I suggest food.
Don’t listen to me when I suggest a parking spot.

Also, if I ever see two pedestrians walking through downtown Athens dressed in biking attire, I’m pulling over to see if they need a ride.

Isn't Athen's beautiful! I love this city.


Shankar said...

Oh, well. At least your taste in sushi is spot on.

Craig D said...

"Life has a way of giving the test first and then the lesson. "

True dat!

Sorry to hear of your travails, vis a vis, parking / towing / paying.

Keep peddlin'!

Melissa said...

Funny story! You're right, Athens is so beautiful. I can't believe how green it is.

Em said...

At least it was a tow and not a theft!

Justin Joyner said...

Mellow Yellow sounds like a groovy hip-cat. I'd like to meet em sometime. :)

Beth said...

Your "adventure" makes the celebration even more memorable.
Some of life's lessons make the best, laughable memories.

Lauren said...

Good thing your bikes werent' stolen. That most likely would've been the case if you leave anywhere near me. Can you imagine walking all the way back? At least it would've been a beautiful walk in athens.

Charlotta-love said...

Shankar: try eel. just do it.

Craig: Oh, I'm peddlin' alright!

Melissa: And that's with the drought. This place is stunning when it rains.

Em: thank you for reminding me it could have been worse. :o)

Justin: 'Mellow' is pretty cool. I bet you two would really get along.

Beth: I'm sure I'll laugh later. There was no laughing from me that night though.

Lauren: True...we were lucky.

Paul and Sarah said...

Where did you park? And where was that picture taken? It's gorgeous - I'm always in need of a new place to go exploring! Tell me.

Bone said...

First, the Lowe's incident. Now this.

Yes, you seem to have parking issues. Do they have color coded sidewalks or something? Or is it just an innate belief that all parking, like air, should be free?

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

oh man, i'm not one to suggest parking spots either... remember?