Friday, May 25, 2007

Instant Non-communication

So my last post zoned in on cell phones and how our lives have changed because of them. Today's post is technological as well but focuses on the instant communication that literally surrounds us. On a daily basis, I can chat via email, texting, my cell phone, instant messages, blogs, scanners, or fax. Times have changed from the Pony Express, and Smoke Signals.

It's easier to stay in touch - but do we really? Recently my mom asked how a friend of mine was doing and I responded, "I just got an email from her today. I guess she is doing alright." "Well, what did she say in her email?" "Oh, it was just a forward about blondes."

Yep, I keep in great touch.

Another example involves a buddy of mine who is teaching English in the Ukraine. The time zone difference doesn't allow too much interaction on the phone so we utilize instant messaging. One day I noticed he was online and I typed a quick "word" to say hello. The computer indicated he was typing back. I had a small glimpse of technology advances. I was "talking" with a friend across the globe instantaneously. Incredible! And you know what we said?

Set of Encyclopedias

Not really anything. Good thing for technology or no one would keep in touch!


thethinker said...

You're right. We're constantly exchanging messages, but not necessarily communicating.

laura said...

I think I find out more about what's going on with some of my friends during our Gmail chats than I do when I speak to them in person.

Loved the cartoon.