Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Organic suds

I just returned from my Utah adventure yesterday. On the flight home, I skimmed a few articles in a magazine. One specifically mentioned new lines of "Green" cleaning products. Apparently Dierdre Imus, the wife of Don Imus, has come out with a line that's free of any known carcinogens. I shared the passage with P2 and asked, "Do you suppose Don Imus ever had to clean his mouth out with organic soap?"

I found the thought rather amusing.


Thomas said...

All the money that the "Greening the Cleaning" producut line makes goes to charity. Infact, many of the hospitals in North Jersey (including mine), use this product because of the safety and security.

It is a good product and a good program.

Take a look at all the products:

Vivian Love said...

Your posting just cracked me up. I enjoy reading your blog from time to time.

Vivian Love

Dorky Dad said...

I've wondered what she has felt about all this ...

Hope you enjoyed Utah. Now I've tagged you!