Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's All Relative

Several years ago, a buddy of mine somehow got his hands on two All-Access Opening Night Sundance Film Festival tickets. I wasn't privy to any details concerning how he acquired the tickets for free so I can only assume he was part of some underground Utah mafia. Anyway, he invited me to join him and gave me a rundown of what to expect.

* The tickets gave us access to dinner served on the top floor of the venue.
* Robert Redford would be there.
* I needed to dress nice and act dignified.
* Many city officials would also be in attendance.

The night arrived and I dressed in one of my best outfits. I wore a floor length black skirt with a form fitting V-necked burgundy striped shirt. I accented the V-neck with a silver necklace and square black pendant. I did my best to mingle with all the socialites. I met some individuals in high positions: city government, state government, and school board executives. Although I was able to relate with most of the guests, it was clearly obvious that this elite class wasn't what I'd grown up in.

One of my favorite conversations was with a city official. She and I were enjoying some delicious food with names I couldn't remember let alone pronounce when she noticed my necklace. She let out an audible sigh then said, "I adore your necklace. It looks like onyx and I just love that stone. Tell me, is it 'Tiffany's'?"

Conversation hit a slight bump as I replied, "" It's her younger sister, Claire's."

Sigh - I don't fit in.

At least the movie was good.


I'm Chrissy! said...

Awesome. You are very witty, Charlotte. You'd totally fit in at my house.

Em said...

A very funny response! I love it.

Vivian Love said...

Charlotte, You crack me up! My daugther & I went into Tiffany's when we were on vacation in NYC. No one would even say Hello to us...except the elevator man! I guess we had 'tourist' written all over us. PS. Did you ever see Robert Redford at Sundance? If I saw him, I would jump on him! :)

charlottalove said...

I did see him. Twice. I saw him within a few feet during the pre-movie snack & mingle. He was being interviewed though and was not able to chat with the common folk. Then prior to the actual movie being debuted, he announced the film, the producers, and gave a brief introduction.
He is very handsome. I think what stood out so clearly to me was the wrinkles in his face. They proved he is a happy man. Also very genuine. He isn't hiding anything. He is just himself. He has a beautiful smile. And he is short!

Charles said...

I ran into Tony a few weeks ago. He is fully bearded and still Tony. I think the best part of that story, which you failed to mention (if I remember correctly), was the introduction of Tony P. and Charlotte relation.

charlottalove said...

Tony...ah, love Tony. I wanted to mention that also but my last name is one bit of personal information not meant to be blogged. But yeah, that only added to that date. lol.

Shankar said...

One of the best ways to fake it for a while in high society is to use a snooty British accent. Fortunately, we've acquired one (that's the Royal pronoun).