Monday, May 14, 2007

Thoughts on cars:

Do people think they obtain some sort of cosmic power when they get into a car? A power that allows them to communicate with other drivers perhaps?

Recently I was stuck near the end of a long line of cars and when the light turned green, the first car – for whatever reason – did not go. The light was short and none of us made it through. I could see the lady behind me throw her hands up, roll her eyes, and yell something. Although none of us heard what she said, she seemed to think we could and that we cared. The next green light we all made it through. I checked in my rear view mirror and saw her turn into a Mexican Restaurant. It was 5:51. So either she was 6 minutes late for her 5:45 shift or really early for dinner. Either way, her irateness humored me for some reason.

Do people think a closed car door eliminates anyone from seeing what they are doing?

At that same traffic signal, since I waited through two red lights, I had time to watch the other car passengers. The girl next to me had just completed a shopping spree. She had purchased a few items and held each one up to eye level for closer inspection. "Hon...I'm sure that pair of lime green panties will look great on you."

And to the guy in the next lane, um, if you did succeed in finding that gold you were digging for, you might consider cashing some of it in to get tinted windows. I know I’d appreciate it.


Kassie said...

It is alway hilarious to watch other people in their cars. So if I am dancing, I really get into it, they might as well be entertained while they wait. ;)

I'm Chrissy! said...

When my husband gets in the car, he thinks every other vehicle is out to get him and make him late. He calls them names and even sings songs about them to whatever tune is playing on the radio. It's actually quite amusing.

I like to watch other drivers, too. I think it's funny how they totally get into a song and you can tell they think they're the next American Idol.

Clairissa said...

Hey girl! You are so funny...I love your blog entries. So creative. Hey, could you give a shout out to Stacy for me...I would love to see her blog - especially with her husband being a photographer and all -- but it's on a private setting. Let her know for me. Thanks! xoxo, clair

Burg said...

Some idiot did the same type of thing to me a while back. I'm over-cautious when my kids are in the car and I don't care who doesn't like it. This guy really looked stupid though. He looked like he was going into convulsions. He clapped when I went. I broke my "no-bird" rule and held it up out the window where the kids couldn't see. Then I felt bad..

michelle said...

i prob be the girl that would get mad...i considered myself to have major road rage. i guess i just really dont like stupid drivers...or slow drivers...or really reckless ones...but again i really dont like, in fact, i hate stupid drivers. that kassie girl sounds like julie...the problem w/julie thou is that when she really gets into her singing, she could very possibly fall into the stupid driver catagory.

Shankar said...

I shouldn't criticise other drivers, because there was a time when I was less than cautious behind the wheel, especially on the highway.

True story: after my performance in downtown Baton Rouge (I-10 goes right through the city) during lunch hour, my then girlfriend said, "I didn't know my car could go that fast." She owned a Mustang at the time. I've matured a lot since then.