Friday, August 10, 2007

My 1000 th post!

Divided by 10 that is.

In honor of this accomplishment - at least in my mind - and since I was tagged by Clairissa, I am naming 100 things you may or may not know or want to know about me. In no particular order, except numerically, here I am:

1. I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate.
2. I was in a wreck and the airbag exploded. I think cars are safer without them. I had acid burns on my face for a week.
3. My favorite comedian would be a combination of Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Seinfeld. But since that would be one ugly baby, I'll stick to watching them separately.
4. I have a 34 inch inseam. Sure guys like long legs but I'm the one who has to shave them!
5. I bought a cd last week and have listened to it completely over 10 times.
6. I take my shoes off at work. I love being barefoot.
7. I love rice milk.
8. I failed statistics in college. What are the chances of that happening?
9. My favorite number is 9.
10. I have a yellow belt in karate.
11. I love talking on the phone...literally for hours at a time.
12. I am one of the most non-committal people you will ever meet. Aside from a tv show and a song, I don't have favorites and I'm quite indecisive. Dating might also fall into this category.
13. Most mornings I get up at 5:45 so I can read before I go to work.
14. I tried to grow a garden this summer. My plant harvested a total of two peas.
15. I am technologically retarded. One of these days I'll figure out how to use an iPod.
16. I can't remember when I last used salt. I don't like it.
17. I would rather live near mountains than water.
18. Seinfeld is my absolute favorite show. I have seen every episode at least once.
19. Windows used to terrify me when I was younger. I was so scared a kidnapper would reach through and grab me that I would not go near windows after dark. This greatly limited the rooms at home I could enter after dusk.
20. I listen to NPR all the time.
21. I try to bike at least once a week.
22. I was vegetarian for two weeks.
23. I have a thing for bald guys. Forget Superman...give me Lex Luther!
24. I enjoy cooking.
25. I charged friends a quarter to come to my 25th birthday bash.
26. I have never been pulled over.
27. I speed every day.
28. I'm lucky I guess.
29. I'll be 29 on my next birthday.
30. I love magic tricks.
31. People call me cheap but I prefer to think I'm saving for a rainy day. And it's gonna be real rainy.
32. I still dress up at Halloween.
33. I can walk on stilts. It comes in handy when there's a really, really tall shelf.
34. I don't know all the words to my favorite song. I can hum with the best though.
35. I appeared on tv once.
36. I have also been on the radio.
37. I love window shopping.
38. I go swimming at least once a week.
39. I wish I understood the stock market.
40. I like my eyes.
41. I finally figured out what I want to do "when I grow up".
42. I tried out to be a model once but didn't make it. Guess I was too beautiful for what they needed.
43. I once made up an answer to the online "security question" my bank asked. Made for suspicious stares when I applied in person for another banking program and couldn't answer correctly. I advise against joking with bankers.
44. I had my credit card identity stolen once. When the robber found out how crazy I am, they gave "me" back.
45. My target weight is 145.
46. I love sudoku puzzles and minesweeper.
47. I have never enjoyed crossword puzzles.
48. I sucked on my fingers when I was little and had to have braces later to correct that.
49. I want to have Lasik surgery so I can camp out beneath the stars and actually see them.
50. I sing out loud in my car. I like to give other commuters something to laugh at.
51. I can roll my tongue. You would think this might come in handy but as of yet, it's not given me the advantage in any situation.
52. I currently weigh 152. ...but that's because I have big bones. And a big sugar tooth.
53. I got my ears pierced when I was 23.
54. I love Fall...the season, not the verb.
55. I can still sing the theme songs to Rescue Rangers, Tailspin, and Duck Tales.
56. I love massages. Even better when they are free.
57. I do not like the spice ginger. It's supposed to be very healthy. If uncontrollable gagging is healthy, then it's working.
58. I want to visit all 50 states before I die. Anyone up for a trip to Hawaii?!
59. I love formal events where I can wear heels and dangly earrings.
60. My toenails are always painted.
61. I didn't run the whole distance in my triathlon-only when people were taking pictures. I cartwheeled the rest.
62. Sometimes I'm not 100% truthful.
63. I like fresh air rather than air conditioning.
64. I check my email about 15 times a day.
65. I am horribly slow at emailing people back.
66. If I were stranded on an island and could only bring one thing, I would take a boat with GPS.
67. It's a turn off when a guy swears.
68. I enjoy children.
69. I won a game of online solitaire in 69 seconds once.
70. If the world were made up of Charlotta-love's, we would sit around all day just talking.
71. I have broken 2 bones. My right leg and right arm...guess I lean too much. I should have had a V8.
72. I slouch when I sit. I'm actually just relaxing my back muscles for hours at a time.
73. My favorite date is March 4th. It's a command...March Forth.
74. I'm still laughing about #73.
75. I love roller coasters...especially if they have loops and flips.
76. I do not like oysters. I know they are a delicacy but someone else can enjoy the slimy, gray, raw, gross, shellfish as it glides down their throat.
77. At some point, I have collected coins, stamps, stickers, flattened pennies, volks wagon miniatures, koala bears, and pencils.
78. I pay cash for almost all my purchases.
79. I would love to live in England. or Australia. or New Zealand. or Africa. or China. See, this whole none committal thing really gets me sometimes.
80. I got lost driving in Oklahoma once for three hours. My family has never let me forget it.
81. I laugh at least once a day. I find life humorous.
82. I love dancing. I didn't say I was good but it is fun.
83. Sports? Oh, there's a game tonight?
84. I get cold really easy. I wore a jacket to work yesterday...and I live in Georgia!
85. I am ticklish...only if I like the guy.
86. My sister's say I have a flat butt. I don't know. I can't really see back there.
87. Is the glass half empty or half full? I don't know - am I drinking or pouring?
88. I cheated once in 4th grade. I can still tell you the question on the test.
89. I chew gum religiously. I guess that makes my gum holier than yours.
90. I want to try acupuncture. Would that be considered holy also?
91. I love puns.
92. I prefer blue pens to black. That way I'm not racist.
93. When I get mad, I don't yell - I stop talking completely.
94. I am my parent's favorite child. They just won't admit it.
95. I prefer silver to gold. Unless we are talking coins in which case you can just give me all you want.
96. I read my horoscope regularly. I like to see how I can prove the stars wrong.
97. I don't like Hershey's chocolate.
98. I need to read more.
99. I'm almost done with this list.
100. The furthest I have ever driven a golf ball is 100 feet. Let's just say I have a huge handicap.

9 comments: said...

My comments on your list:

23. Don't mix your metaphors: It is Superman and Lex, not Batman and Lex

37. How can you love window shopping but be afraid of windows?

56. Back rubs in the front room . . .

73. Your sense of humor makes me smile . . . not laugh . . . but smile

100. What do YOUR Handicaps have to do with golf?

charlotta-love said...

23A. (should read) "although I am Wonder Woman, I occasionally mix up super hero characters." Confusion is my kryptonite.

37. I don't window shop in the dark. Plus remember I am "frugal" (#31)

The Dally Llama said...

73. Also my favorite day of the year because it's my birthday.

churchlady said...

I especially liked 57 and 71! Thanks for the laugh.

Clairissa said...

Really, I only tagged you for 8 things, but this was totally better than eight. I loled at like 20 of the 100... Loved it.

btw...are you serious about the jacket?? it's been in the 100s here. I'm sweating buckets.

Diesel said...

We have the same size inseam.

I'm 6'2".

charlotta-love said...

Happy Birthday Dally! (way in advance)

churchlady: thanks for stopping by. And glad you enjoyed the post.

Diesel: see, that's just not fair. Well, actualy I don't want to be 6'3. Nevermind.

Oh, The Joys said...

I love salt.

(But also gum.)

Vanilla Vice said...

Congrats on blog 100 - HUGE accomplishment. Hit 200 by the end of the year.