Friday, August 3, 2007


A bridge fell this week.

I've gone over so many bridges in my life. I was always excited to go over bridges when I was young. To this day I still hold my breath as I pass over.

I was watching a program last night that covered all the events of this tragedy. Who's fault was it? Why didn't someone listen to the reports that showed danger? Who decided that traffic should be limited to only two lanes until construction was completed? How come funds had prevented earlier repairs? Why did it take over five minutes for help to arrive?

The reporters didn't ask "How are the survivors?" or "How can I help?"

Let's build a bridge. Not the type vehicles travel over but one that brings people together again. To all those affected, my prayers are with you.


Diesel said...


Burg said...

It is a terrible thing..

Dorky Dad said...

The bridge fell because someone didn't do their job properly. Stupid government.

Shankar said...

A very touching post.

It is sad that we (or perhaps it is just I) have become so immune to bad news. And I would like to think that the reporters did ask if they could help, but did it in secret.