Friday, August 24, 2007

Et tu, U2?

I fell in like with a guy in college who loved the band U2. That's all he wanted to talk about, listen to, read , watch, breathe, and I'm sure eat if U2 were edible. I wanted to make a good impression on him so I started to actually listen to the band and learn as much information as possible. I made it a life goal to attend a live concert.

Fast forward a few years. Despite my crush on U2-boy dwindling to nothing, my interest in the band continued and my desire to see them live was too much to quench. U2 had just released How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb and planned a tour which would stop in a nearby city. I determined, no matter how expensive tickets were, I was going. Finally the day arrived when tickets went on sale. I was online purchasing seats while some friends were in line buying more. Tickets sold out before noon. It was okay though since I was finally going to see U2 live!

Then, in May, I found out I was moving to Georgia.

The concert was in Salt Lake, Utah that coming December.

So I bought a round trip flight to Utah. I was serious about seeing this concert! I'm sure my new Georgia co-workers thought it a tad bizarre that I was so thrilled. It was all I wanted to talk about, read, google, or listen to. One day in November, my coworker Bo brought his 14 year old son into work. The son and I bonded over music. He told me about the bands he enjoyed and I told him about, ...well, U2.

Fast forward to now. The concert was great and worth every penny. I've continued working with Bo although I've not seen his son since. A few weeks ago Bo called me to say I owed him big time. I was confused so I asked for clarification.

Bo and his wife were in the kitchen one night discussing something serious. In the middle of the conversation, their son walked in and asked, "Dad, how is that one girl at the office? You know, the one that likes you too?"

Bo slept on the couch that night. I'm not sure how I owe him since I wasn't even there. Proves I have the capability to get others in trouble without even being with them. Or near them. Or even knowing where they live.

Watch could get fired for reading this blog.

7 comments: said...

I like you too Charlotte!!

I was in the car listening to the greatest rock band of all time, BON JOVI, with a friend and she asked if I ever got sick of it.

I just turned to her, gave her a ThomCarter look, and turned up the music!

joN. said...

that's why i always talk about depeche mode. very little ambiguity.

sure am glad you felt that concert was worth every penny! it probably would have been worth far more if the seats weren't actually behind the stage and above the sound system.

charlotta-love said...

Thom: I like U2. Plus, I don't ever want to see "the look".

joN: well, seeing how it was my ONLY U2 concert, it has to be the BEST. Therefore worth every penny. Everything about that trip was worth the money! :o)

Sincerity said...

Hey there! Nice place you've got here! May I include you in my blogs to visit?

U2 is a great band! I enjoy them. I can't believe your co-worker blamed ya for the misunderstanding!...
Its kinda funny that he got " the couch" though. :)

Your blog is such a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

that is one great story. please continue to share it with others as it is its own brand of genius.

you know me, i am a major supporter of going all out for a band you like!

Em said...

Glad you had a great trip. And I'm sure Bo will recover. LOL

Shankar said...

Live shows are always awesome. I remember when I took a friend (female) to see the opera at the Utah Symphony...wonderful, even though we didn't understand a word.