Monday, October 1, 2007

My Father: The Tom Sawyer of Chores

I was not "allowed" to mow the lawn until I was 12. P2 said I needed to grow tall and strong so I could see over the mower and push it across the grass. Once, when I was 11, he let me practice.

"Just one row, Charlotta."
"Aww DAAaad! I want to mow more..."
"Not until you're 12."

My birthday finally came and I was thrilled to have the new responsibility of Lawn Care Professional bestowed upon me. This excitement lasted about two weeks.

"DAAaad! It's too hot out here! You mow."
"Nope. It's your responsibility now. TheDeanInc turns 12 next year."

TheDeanInc was smarter than me. I approached him with the deal of a lifetime. I was willing to part with my favorite hobby of all time when he turned 12. Of course I didn't want to but was would because I loved him so much. He turned to me and said, "I don't want to mow the lawn. You were stupid to fall for Dad's trick. It's your job."
I had to keep the task until TheDeanInc turned 12. He didn't want to mow but he got the job anyway. (I think that's why adults have children: cheap labor). Mowing has been passed through all but one of us 6 children.
Lucky for P2, in 3 years, LittleBoyBlue will get his turn. Dad's already letting him "practice".
That's right LittleBoyBlue! Push! Faster, Faster!


Diesel said...

So all his efforts garnered him 2 weeks of hassle-free lawn mowing? Hardly seems worth it.

My son just turned 8. Is that too soon?

Beth said...

That brought back memories - years of my sister and I mowing a huge lawn until "baby" brother finally took over.
The dreaded Saturday mowing.

Craig D said...

I had to mow the lawn as a young 'un.

We had a manual reel-type push-mower that had the dullest blads ever! It got so all I was doing was bending rather than cutting the grass.

Add my horrendous, eye-tearing, nose-blowing, atomic-sneezing seasonal allergies into the mix and I guess you could say it Nirvana!

Above Average Joe said...

Yes, sometimes the dad is smarter than the child.


charlotta-love said...

Diesel: Your son is 8. Hmmm...he can weed and supervise tree climbing. (his name IS climber!)

Beth: Saturday is for cartoons! Not mowing.

Craig D: Bending the grass... lol!

Joe: sometimes...not always though.

Dean said...

Please girlfriend you never did it anyway. You just 'forgot' about it and never did it. And then there was that summer that we were suppose to switch off. It only got mowed every other week. My week. Yeah that's right. Who's the perfect child now?

Dorky Dad said...

This is precisely why I had a child. How am I going to get all this work done without one?

Craze said...

I HATE mowing! Fortunately for my my son LOVES it. He's started off pushing a plastic bubble mower when he was 2. He got full duty when he was 10 because he loved it so much.

Bone said...

Yes, the yard-mowing duties were bestowed upon me often betwixt the ages of 11 and 20.

Unfortunately, our lawn mower frequently had problems and wouldn't start half the time.

This was in no relation to neighborhood reports of some kid bouncing it up and down and kicking it repeatedly.

charlotta-love said...

Dean: you can be mom and dad's perfect. It's too much upkeep for me.

Dorky Dad: The Boy is in for some chore-filled weekends. :o(

Craze: I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind if your son came to stay with us, say, every Saturday. :o)

Bone: Those neighborhood rumors...

Anonymous said...

Dude, leave me alone. Its my job.

(Little Boy Blue age 9)

Michelle Johnson said...

I enjoyed mowing the lawn when I was younger so much I even volunteered to mow my dates lawn sometimes. But, now I won't go near the lawn mower. My husband John mows the lawn now.


Shankar said...

Subtle motivation. Well done, P-2.