Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Slacking and Wimpy

I've been slacking lately. I've hardly visited or commented on blogs at all this week. I guess everyone has that off week and that's my excuse. Actually though, I have been busy. Just this week I've:

* finalized trip details for my class reunion next week
* picked Little Boy Blue up from school twice since Mama Mia is out of town
* filled out an application for school to go back and get a masters
* filled out an application to be a counselor next year at EFY
* filled out an application ~ goodness...another application?! ~ for a job better suited to my skills
* helped organize the details for a church activity scheduled for Saturday.


I've still managed to maintain a somewhat consistent schedule at the gym. I do go later in the evening though which has really changed the demographics of my treadmill neighbors. Instead of the working class individuals who come directly after work, the evening gym is home to students in high school and college. The 5:30 crowd is there to work out. The 10 pm crowd is there to check out. After I finished on the treadmill, I walked into the weight room.

Side note: I don't do free weights all that often. I'm what you call, wimpy.

I walk over to the small barbells where three frat brothers happen to be. Of course they are doing reps with barbells 1/3 my weight. (I do that too...well, 1/3 the weight I was at age 5, anyway). As I approached the guys, one lifted a 60lb barbell off the floor as easy as a tv remote, flexed and asked, "Are you looking for this?"

I just smiled and said, "Actually, can you hand me the 12?"

Yep. I'm smooth...


ThomCarter said...

He was talking about his arm not the weight. We need to work on how you get picked up!

Above Average Joe said...

Thomcarter's right, he was just showing off.

charlotta-love said...

Thom and Joe: I know he was talking about his arm. He can give me tickets to the gun show later. Like when he graduates. :o)

I'm Chrissy! said...

When is your reunion? I want to be able to see you while you're here!

SarahM said...

WHAT gym do you go to?
Thanks for finding time to comment on my blog =). Even if it DOES contribute to your laziness.
I love commenting on blogs. Is that bad?

Jocelyn said...

Frat brothers lifting weights = suck.

Bone said...

Ooo ooo, you sould have said, "No thanks. I've already warmed up."


Anonymous said...

and i'm a sucker for the skinny rocker boys with, like, 2% body fat who eat tofu. gun shows really only make me laugh.

what master's program?

charlotta-love said...

Chrissy: this week!

Sarah: I go to BodyPlex on the west side. and it's TOTALLY fine to comment on blogs. That's what makes me write!

Jocelyn: Frat brothers = blog material

Bone: Bwahahaha... I'll have to remember that one! lol.

Amanda: Ironically enough, PE teacher.

Em said...

Hey, anyone who is actually lifting weights can't be called wimpy. Show them your muscles, girl!

vladtech said...
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vladtech said... wonder that pickup line doesn't work for me...JK