Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who's on First

Although I just got back from my 10 year high school reunion, the stories will have to wait. I'm not the only one 10 years older... I still use my camera from 1997 as well. Translation: I have to wait for film to be developed before I blog certain events and corresponding photos. I'm a bit, uh, slow in the technology department.


I started the adventure in Atlanta. I would fly to Charlotte, NC for a layover and end up in Dallas, TX. Mama Mia dropped me off at the terminal and I proceeded to the airline counter. I managed to check in using the do-it-yourself kiosk and joined two other men as we waited for our baggage labels. The attendant pulled a strip from the computer, looked at the last name, then addressed the three of us.

Both men raised their hands, paused, and looked at each other.
"Your last name is Schultz, too?
"Yeah. Ha...what are the chances?"

The attendant, realizing he couldn't use the last name only, called the destination.

All three of us raised our hands, then looked at each other confused.

"I'm Schultz."
"I'm Schultz going to Charlotte."
"I'm Charlotte."

I'm no Statistics Major but I figure the chances of 3 people - two with the same last name and one with the name of the destination of the others - standing together at the same ticket counter waiting for luggage stickers is pretty rare. Rare is good. Rare is like an antique...reminds me of a camera I own.


ThomCarter said...

Only you . . . only you!

You just can't write that comedy!

Craze said...

Wow, that's pretty trippy.

Craig D said...

That story was worth the trip!

I love that kind of stuff.

Beth said...

Truth is stranger than fiction. No one would believe this sort of thing happening in a book.
I love the visual of all three of you raising your hands...

Charles said...

Welcome back, Charlotte! Glad to know you are still normal...or as normal ar you normally are.

Clairissa said...


Dorky Dad said...

That's just weird. Really weird. And I agree with thomcarter -- that would only happen to you.

Celine & Cameron said...

Welcome back! Great story to start off your trip! I can't wait to hear about the rest of it!

charlotta-love said...

Thom: Only you... isn't that a song?

Craze: I laughed when it happened.

Craig: I agree.

Beth: We were raising our hands and REALLY confused. :o)

Charles: good to be back. I'm normal?

Clairissa: I thought so too.

DD: I think I attract weirdness. Don't take offense.

Celine: Hope you don't get bored. :o)

Craig D said...

This is totally off-topic, but I've been impelled to propagate THIS meme and I'm picking you, merelyme.

Forgive me.

Bone said...

Ah, what a fun little tale. I would have taken it as a sign. Although of what, I'm not sure.

I just thought of that 80's TV series, Simon & Simon, with the guy from Major Dad.

OK, I better go now.

Burg said...

That sounds like something off a movie!! LOL

Shankar said...

And you get even more fun experiences when you travel even further afield.