Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Julia Gulia

Today Julia Gulia turns 22! In honor of her big day, I thought I'd let her know how much I love her: LOTS!

On an unrelated note, Julia Gulia has LOTS of purses. Some in the closet, some in my closet, some in the garage, some in the basement...

HEY! I like JG "LOTS"; she has LOTS of purses...

Allow me to get purse-onal and share just a few reasons why I love Julia Gulia!

She is random. She and I once had an argument as to who was more random. She won. Hmpf.

Her laugh.

Her hair. Seriously, it always looks great.

Her clothes. She is so stylish. I especially like her clothes that fit me.

She gives great back scratches.

Her taste in music.

Her hugs!

Her random obsession with Harrison Ford. She even bakes a cake on his birthday!

She is driven and goal oriented.

Dramatic. This can be good, bad, or entertaining.

She has some classic "blonde" moments. Don't we all...

Very stylish eye. She loves anything eccentric. (as you can see from some of these purses).

Makes great cookies

Passionate about life. She wants the most out of every situation.

Never a dull moment when she's around!

Bargain shopper! (This purse is an eBay victory).

Actually has her head on straight. I don't worry about her - she will do great things.

Very, very generous.

Her smile.

Fun road trip buddy.

Whew! That was long. Of course, there are more reasons why I love her - and more purses. Maybe next year I'll document my love using her shoes. Then we'll really be here all day!

Happy Birthday Julia-Gulia. I love you (and all of your baggage)!


Mama Mia said...

Too cute and too true! Happy birthday to my favorite 22 year old daughter!!! Love you lots!

Charlotte said...

I love this post. Your sister sounds fabulous. I may have to adopt you both (I am, sadly, sisterless, though I do have a mess of brothers).

Happy Birthday, Julia Gulia.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Julia Gulia!
Sisters are great friends to have.

(I feel like such a loser - I have maybe four purses...)

Sarah said...

wow that's a lot of purses.

Craze said...

I love this post!! Happy Birthday Julia Gulia!

ThomCarter said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. I was going to send a purse, but now I think I'll just send a fanny-pack.

Coordination Queen said...

Happy Birthday to Julia Gulia!

Gay said...

Happy B-day to your sis, and great post at 3WW. Very clever.

charlotta-love said...

Charlotte: we could always use another Charlotte in the family. :o)

Beth: I have about 4 purses too. (And they are all hand-me-downs from Julia Gulia).

Thom: I don't think she has any fanny packs. Start a trend.

Gay: My goal for 3WW is to use all three words in 1 or 2 sentences.

Mama Mia, Sarah, Craze, Queen: You are kind to wish her a happy birthday!

thethinker said...

Wow, she has a ton of bags.

Happy Birthday to her!

Burg said...

She sounds great! I hope her birthday was too!

Grundir the Implacable said...

Bah! Let me know when she turns 220.o

Above Average Joe said...

Happy Birthday Julia. Is it one purse for every birthday?

Anonymous said...

Julia is my favorite sister!! I love this blog and I love her more! I don't know what I would do without her here, and I definately don't know what I would do without her basketball shorts that I wear everyday. Love pudy janette!

Praise Judy!!

Amie said...

Nice post. Classic creative Charlotte. It makes me want to shop. Happy Birthday Julia Gulia.

Bone said...

I like the green one! But then, you probably wouldn't want to take my advice on purse selection.