Monday, July 20, 2009

My Bl*nk*ng Car

My car is a keeper. I bought her after I graduated from college in 2002 and she's been my trusty sidekick since. She and I have been to various states, run over a few nails, blown a tire on the interstate, and been pulled over for going a little too fast.

As cool cars go, I think mine's the coolest. I mean, she blinks.

BLINKS, I tell ya!

I bet your car doesn't blink.

Please ignore the check engine light. I ran out of electrical tape. Oh, and ignore the fact that every time I shift, the car clunks like a cheap casino machine. Most car owners can only wish to be that cool.


joN. said...

cool. looks like the console of the enterprise.

Michelle Johnson said...

good to have a trusty car even with the blinking lights. I had one of those before. The light blinked several days in a row and then would quit for some time. The whole process started over but my car was definitely trusty through it all. Have a great night.

Beth said...

No, my car does not blink - yet.
And what's with those check engine lights coming on for any and all and (sometimes) apparently no reason at all?!

Christina said...

Haha!! Hm, the blinking.... not so sure that's a good thing.... but I love your optimism!!!!!