Monday, February 11, 2008

Click and Clack

Do you drive a car that seems to always have a problem?

Are you on a tight budget?

Well, I'm here today to share a car maintenance tip for those living on a shoestring budget. In fact, you only need $2 and a pair of scissors.

See that Check Engine light? It's been glaring at me from the dash. The rest of my panel is blue so that neon orange really throws off the whole color scheme. Since turning my car on and off for 30 minutes didn't reset the light, I had to resort to, uh, other methods.

1. Purchase roll of black electrical tape.

2. Cut small piece size of said orange light.

3. Place over light.

4. Problem solved.

I've found this method also works rather well on the blinking "NEW VOICE MAIL" light on my office phone.


Amber said...

So practical! I love it. It reminds me of my old car... the check engine light would come on if I turned a corner a little too fast. It would turn off eventually so I usually just ignored it.

Those check engine lights are just another way for the car industry to take our money away, right?

ThomCarter said...

You are so southern!

Above Average Joe said...

Did that odometer read 151466? And you are going to ignore a check engine light?

(In an "fatherly" tone) "You'll be sorry."

RED MOJO said...

That certainly is a LOT quicker and cheaper than the way I do it! Rock on girlfriend!

Craze said...

LOL!! I love it!

charlotta-love said...

Amber: yes...if you ignore the light, you save money.

Thom: a TRUE southerner would have used duct tape. Give me a little credit!

Joe: So I should put some tape on my odometer as well?

Mojo: check back often. I've got lots more tips where that one came from!

Craze: I can work on your car if you need me to.

Beth said...

You're cheaper - and funnier - than any car mechanic I've had to deal with.

(Sometimes that Check Engine Light thing goes on when the cap isn't put back on properly after filling the car with gas. MAKES NO SENSE - but worth a try? Jiggle that cap?)

Kelly said...

HA!!! You are so awesome!

Brett said...

Tinfoil also works. =)

Bone said...

Am I the only one who noticed the slight change in the odometer between photos three and four?

So you did it while driving! Very impressive. And efficient. I would only be more impressed if you were talking on the cell phone the entire time, as well.

Eh, 151,000. Yer just now gettin' her broken in real good.

Charles said...

Autozone will check your car for free and tell you what the car has been trying to tell you. You can also push the button that says delete while they have it plugged in if you don't care. I have to do that every year when my car gets inspected.

charlotta-love said...

Beth: I checked the gas cap...not the problem.

Kelly: same offer as Craze ~ I'll work on your car if you want.

Brett: Do you know where I could find some tinfoil?

Bone: Cell phone, switching a cd, trying to eat a burger, and taking pictures.

Charles: That actually was my first stop.

Shankar said...

We should all be this lucky:

Mighty Whitey said...

charlotte, you seriously crack me up. i can't believe you actually did that.